How To Choose An Engagement Ring That Complements HER Hand?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How To Choose An Engagement Ring That Complements HER Hand?

Are you looking for the perfect engagement ring? If you are, then you certainly have to make sure that it will look perfect on her hand when she wears it. The following tips will help you in choosing an engagement ring that will complement her hand.

The first tip is to buy beautiful custom made engagement rings in Sydney from Certified Diamond Network. This is so that you will be guaranteed that you are going to get a beautiful ring that is going to fit her personal style. You will need to consider her lifestyle so that you know that the ring will not inhibit her from doing her favourite hobbies.

Based on the shape of her hand and fingers, here are some design ideas on what to choose:

For long fingers:

This is one of the easiest hands to buy for because all of the styles of rings are going to look good on her hand. She will be able to wear a small design that is dainty or a bolder and larger design. For a flattering look, try a small centre diamond that has a thicker band. It will visually widen the finger. Stay away from the marquise style to prevent from the finger from looking extra longer.

For short fingers:

The best styles that are going to look good on short fingers are the elongated diamonds like emerald, pear, oval, or marquise shape. So that the fingers do not look any shorter, you should make sure that the band is thin and delicate. The large round or square diamonds with thick bands are going to make the fingers look stubbier so you are going to want to stay away from this style.

For chubby fingers:

A bold statement ring is going to work great for these types of fingers but she could also pull off an asymmetrical or angular design. For a more traditional look, you can use a halo style which can be wallet-friendly. In order to get a large centre stone on a budget, you can choose a cluster setting. Thin bands with a narrow centre stone like the marquise may not look that good on this finger type.

For petite fingers:

It is better to have a simple ring with a thin band so that it does not overpower the hand. A diamond ring with a small carat weight is going to look proportional on her finger. The smaller fingers can work the oval, heart, small round, or princess cut diamonds. Wide bands, designs with huge statements, and large solitaries will swallow her hand whole so you want to stay away from them.

For small hands:

A smaller diamond is going to look better on a small hand because it will look bigger. Therefore, the design of the ring should be less elaborate. Most of the time, a solitaire that is simple will make a huge statement on a tiny hand. To add some sparkle without being too bold, you could have a delicate pave band that is thin. Stay away from the thick bands that have a large statement.

For large hands:

You are going to want to buy a ring that will look proportional on her larger hand. When you do not have the money to buy her a big rock, then you can buy her a halo or cluster ring because you will be able to get a bigger ring on a budget. A design that is funky or chunky will complement her large hands perfectly. The thin bands or small solitaries should be avoided when she has large hands.

I hope all these tips will help you decide on what engagement ring style to choose for your darling's unique hands. Start your ring shopping now with confidence!

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