Live Every Day

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Live Every Day

The time I wore an intensely basic two-piece in black and spruced it up with two cardigans.

Hello ladies, gents, ETs, what’s up? How’s it going? Is the sky heavenly where you are? Have you watched Despicable Me 3 yet? I haven’t but I’m making a point to go watch it because I just adore those yellow aliens. That said, I’m sharing this outfit that I wore one fine breezy evening. It was mad casual.

I borrowed this black skater skirt from my mom. That’s false. She gave it to me. Really. It’s made of breathable cotton so it’s a blessing for when you’re out to face the giant tropical sun. The black tank top kind of blended with the skirt so that from afar, you could mistake this two-piece for a little black dress.

I played the outerwear game with this basic black OOTD.

I wore one purple knit cardigan over it for a splash of color. The sun was pretty enthusiastic that evening so I only wore it for the shoot. Then, I twirled around by this side of building which I’m sure had people inside but I couldn’t see them so I cared not and went all out. I felt like a cat hiding its head in a plastic bag, thinking it'd just gone off radar. BUT yep, so delusional.

The second outerwear is a another knit variety that is hole-y. For the life of me, I have no idea when or where I got this piece of garment. It added texture to the simple top and skirt. And with its loose shape, I felt like a bird flapping her wings.

The grey shoes were mom’s latest find but somehow I was wearing them that evening. I liked the simple design. But the fit not so much as it was for my mom’s size which is one size smaller than mine. I should stop wearing her stuff #LOL

So there you go, a simple OOTD that you can layer with an outerwear of your choice. To be practical, if you’re outdoors in tropical Malaysia at the time I was, you can toss that cardigan aside. The humidity will make you want to shed your own skin or hair. Just ask my mom. She's got a pixie haircut and she's still sweaty. Hi mama!

What do you think of this outfit? Be real. Which cardigan would you pick? Please drop your lines down below. Reading them delights me!

Here's a quote by Marcel Proust to end this entry.

“We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.”

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