Rompers Over Deep V-Neck Dresses

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Rompers Over Deep V-Neck Dresses

Because it's so nice to free your legs when the sun threatens to barbecue you slowly.

Hey friends. What's up? Today I will be sharing with you list of two romper styles that I'm going to wear this time of the year. The sun is high and the blue skies aplenty, why not celebrate a bit of the female form, right?

In rompers, which are usually short, that would be LEGS.

If you're about the upper torso flaunt, namely the chest region, then deep V-neck dresses would be something to consider.

I used to wear a lot of short dresses when I was growing up but somehow, after puberty I stopped. Blame it on wanting to fit in with the jeans-wearing crowd or somehow, legs got hairy, I can't point a finger at the exact cause of me retiring my short dresses. Generally, it was a combination of hairs on legs and wanting to blend into the background.

Say, if I was a plant, I'd want to be one that blended in with the grass. If I was a snail, I was the garden variety. Well, you get it.

Ever since I got older, I decided to shed that mindset and be adventurous. I want to be able to celebrate my body, wearing whatever clothes I feel that I lean into at the moment. Since skirts and dresses have already entered my wardrobe again last year, I now want to embrace rompers! I've seen them worn by other ladies and I'd say it's a style that allows you to showcase plenty of legs. And in the hot tropical Malaysian summer, why the flying unicorn not, right?

To get ready for that, I've decided to take up evening jogging to shake the bottom and tone up my legs and free my mind. And stock up on shavers too. Those leg hairs grow when I daydream!

So here's a list a very specific 2 styles of rompers that I would love to slip into while I roam around trees soaking in the evening sunshine, allowing an appropriate dose of mosquito bites while probably screaming whenever a tiny creature with wings ever so gently lands on me, annoying my mother endlessly.

Romper style number 1 // Romper style number 2

Since it's romper season, I figured you ladies might want to get some rompers yourself too!

Do you like my romper picks? Share your thoughts!

And here's a quote by Eckhart Tolle to end this entry.

“The thinking mind is a useful and powerful tool, but it is also very limiting when it takes over your life completely, when you don't realize that it is only a small aspect of the consciousness that you are.”

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