Cosmic Fairy

Friday, July 21, 2017

Cosmic Fairy

The time I wore this floral patterned long mermaid skirt casually.

My eyeballs felt warm so I applied aloe vera gel on the lower lids and for some reason, my right eyeball hated it and watered. I had to close both eyes while typing this sentence and when I opened them, I had to correct all the spelling errors. Phew, what a life. The privilege!

How are you, awesome folks doing? It's been quite a while since I did a thoroughly complete #OOTD post so here's one. But first, let me check what it was that I wore that day. Hee.

3 random things that popped out of my head, in the interim:

1. Grey hairs are sprouting (on my head) and they keep on sprouting.
2. It's that exciting time of the month. Ladies, you get it.
3. Washing down Apple Cider Vinegar down my sore throat and wow, it has rotten garbage aroma. No wonder, I'm feeling attractive, right now.

Okay, so one day, I wore this outfit. It had a long mermaid skirt from a modern baju kurung set designed by one delightful and talented lady I was blessed to connect with through my fashion column.

Let's just called her Nins. Her debut baju kurung collection can be checked out here if you're a fan of baju kurung styles that are bold on prints, colors and that statement flare sleeves and a kimono-esque vibe.

For this outfit, I made the long skirt casual with basic pieces such as the sleeveless top in white which was also worn in another outfit and the bag and flat shoes in black. I wanted it to look a little edgy as the skirt is already quite feminine bursting with flora in lovely pink and mint.

I felt pretty demure yet so gangsta walking in a long skirt after ages. And even received a compliment on the skirt! FYI, my kurung set is Size S. At first I wanted to pick Size M, but with the help of Nins, we decided on S - I still have no clue how she did it but she used my Instagram pictures for analysis. I have a fairly small chest so a Size M blouse would drown my upper torso.

Top - Moms // Skirt - η.ʍαɾզմεςαα ⓀⓁ Cosmic Fairy Set // Shoes & Bag - ZALORA Malaysia // coconut bangles - from more than a decade ago in The Mines Mall SK (who the hell cares but hey, these will be haunted by me when I pass on #lol

The long skirt hugs the smallest place of waist and the length is perfect with my 5'6" height. As for the blouse, I will show it in another post where I styled it casual as per usual!

I hope you've enjoyed looking through the photos. This was also the day I found out that people actually go monitor lizard (biawak) hunting at this abandoned spot, where I had once met up with a snake that slithered away from me. True story here.

Well, friends, how do you like this outfit? Be honest and spill away down below. Thank you for taking the time to read me. I really appreciate it very much!

Here is a quote by Nietzche to end this entry:

"For happiness, how little suffices for happiness! ... the least thing precisely, the gentlest thing, the lightest thing, a lizard's rustling, a breath, a whisper, an eye glance—little maketh up the best happiness. Be still."

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