Spoon Some Love

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Spoon Some Love

Nuts about coconuts? Great! Please proceed.

Hey peeps. What’s up? Today I am doing a different type of post. It’s about this mad coconut love that I have. I just need to share it in this space you know, apart from stating that I wear coconut shell bangles every few outfit posts. Coconuts and I go way back, you see.

My late grandma used to have a few coconut trees in her orchard that I ran around with my brother when were wee kids. One time, she made us sit on a giant coconut leaf on the ground and she pulled the branch-y side of the thing and I felt like we were on an earth-bound boat. Our bottoms were spared from scratches because well, we had pants on obviously, and the coconut gods truly loved us.

Anyway, growing up, coconut juice fresh from the young green fruit was the perfect thirst-quencher. The soft flesh from inside of the coconut can be eaten and dang, just thinking of it now is making me want some. Those white coconut fleshy parts are soft when the fruit is young. The older the fruit, the tougher the flesh becomes. And the latter, my late grandma grated them with an old machine to make the coconut milk used in curries and other spicy local Malay dishes.

Intermission: I don’t know why a picture of this bird needs to be here but here it is but it was there that evening. Adorable, right? Not when it poops everywhere, though. Fun fact: The birdie was eating something.


I only knew that the oil of the coconut can be consumed like maybe three years ago or so. Apparently, before this, it had secured a bad reputation as an oil type that played a role in spiking BAD cholesterol up in the blood or some ish. I would like to report that anything in excess is BAD. So do you, research, experiment and listen to your sacred temple which is your body.

Returning to the subject of this post, allow me to introduce to you to SPOONS!

Made from fresh coconuts from Malaysia, this coconut oil will make you fall in love with coconuts all over again. Before I found SPOONS, I stocked up on my coconut oil from the local sundry shops that sell them in the small green bottles. This particular oil is made from sundried matured coconuts.

Upon tasting SPOONS' coconut oil, I just I wanted to drink the whole bottle. The difference between Spoons and the coconut oil from the green bottles is that Spoons oil comes from fresh coconut. The aromatic scent of fresh coconut will seduce you and the creamy taste will tease your taste buds with just the right element of sweetness.

I put it in my coffee, consume it on its own, give it to my furry kitties. The yummy oil can be applied onto your skin as well. But because it’s so yummy, I decided that it’s best for the tummy. I use the other coconut oil that I get from the green bottles for my double-cleansing facial routine, as I’ll wash them off in the shower anyway and that would be a waste of SPOONS deliciousness.

At the time we bought it earlier this year, two bottles were priced at RM120.00. I feel like they could be cheaper if the bottles are designed like basic medical containers. In some health pharmacies/hospitals, 2 bottles of HEVCO coconut oil can be had at half of the price but you’ll get bottles that look better hidden in a closet somewhere. This bottles are pretty lovely to look at so if you’re into this sort of thing, get SPOONS and support the local Malaysian coconut tree scene.

A random thing about me: I still feel nervous walking under a coconut tree as I imagine on an unlucky day, one old coconut fruit may decide to roll with gravity and knock me on my head. Has anyone been knocked in the head by a fallen coconut fruit? It’s a serious question. Please leave your personal stories down below. For me luckily, that has not happened, YET. I hope it remains this way. Or I'll wear a helmet when posing under the swaying palm tree.

Other ways I use coconut oil:

I slather it as an after-shave. My skin drinks it.

I mix it with castor oil for a pre-poo hair treatment, that also involves aloe vera.

I use it to moisturize dry patches that occur on the skin.

I seal surface wounds with it.

As mentioned, I use it on my face as part of the double-cleansing facial.

Not every skin loves coconut oil, so be a curious (but hopefully not too mad) scientist and test it on a small area. Same with your hair too.

Everyone should keep this in mind on anything in LIFE: Just because so-and-so said it’s good for them, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be 100% good for you. Your body isn’t a copy-and-paste of other people, apply that brain and go do some testing.

Oh, hey, here's Aiden, my fluffy cat. I report that he has recovered from the broken leg so you get to see a photo of him posing so nonchalantly while I did some photography that evening.

Well, what do you think of coconut oil? Does it do nuts for you? I’d love to know your own personal experience with it. Share please!

As per usual, here’s a quote to end this entry, this time by Maya Angelou:

"Living well is an art that can be developed: a love of life and ability to take great pleasure from small offerings and assurance that the world owes you nothing and that every gift is exactly that, a gift."

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