A Poem Kind Of Post

Friday, September 8, 2017

A Poem Kind Of Post

This is a poem post. The kind that is easy to read through, or else I’ll be on a roll writing about who knows what. But that might happen too. We shall see.

It’s been a sunny day today after a two-day gloominess, with rain that kept coming to drench the parched tropical soil. I love the sound of the creeping rain as evident by a whole post I dedicated to describing it.

Today was a breezy one that got me and mom running after the shuttlecock, after the old tattered one fell into a hole.

We played outdoor badminton where the snake ran up the tree one time and I was especially careful not to be an extra nuisance. Wait, what. I’m no snake whisperer. I took care not to go to near the massive tree trunks that were there and casually step away from the red ants that were busy working.

So, here it is. A little poem that took to form while I was zoning out.

Feast on it perhaps on your evening break, while you sit on the toilet.

Or somewhere more appropriate, like a balcony facing the ocean blue or a humble river or a simple green clearing.

Or as you sit on your work chair acting like work, work, work is all you’re up to.

Or as...Okay, I’ll stop.

Poem Title:
Damp Sidewalks Or Salt Or You Decide

the sun is on your head
after days of damp sidewalks
drizzly nights that made you lie down
accompanied by no sleep
just bed-bound...

The rain is kissing your eyelids,
Clouds part to reunite
Salt particles adorn your cheek
The waves keep on waving
let the horizon bleed...

In your heart,
Even if the curves
are slow to start
The present awaits
your open embrace
in quiet delight...

Poem ends here.

How do you like this poem? Tell me honestly in the space down below!

No quotes to seal this entry but a question instead: How would you title this poem?

Thank you for reading sweet purple potatoes! ♥

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