Hair Tips: Hair Loss Correction

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Hair Tips: Hair Loss Correction

Are you experiencing hair loss? This post helps you to discover a non-invasive solution to getting your hair back.

Up to 40% of women will experience visible hair loss by the time they turn 40, a significant percentage previously thought to simply not exist due to misconceptions about hair loss. Hair loss is typically associated with men in their 30s and 40s, and nearly all hair loss marketing and advertisements for a length of time were pointed at only this half of the population. Today, it is known that this is not the case and that women are nearly just as likely to experience female pattern baldness due to a combination of genetics, aging, and other factors.

While it may be inevitable that a woman’s hair will thin and become brittle over time, it is not a condition that must be permanent anymore, thanks in no small part to the development of hair loss solutions. The first options available were invasive and were not particularly convincing in their appearance, but modern technology and innovative new designs have now made it possible for any woman to cover her thinning hair or bald spots without once experiencing an invasive process.


No matter if you plan to simply thicken thinned or brittle hair, or if you want to cover a large area of visible scalp, non-surgical hair replacement for women is available and will be custom built to fit your unique scalp qualities and hair colour. The system is started by having a professional thoroughly inspect your scalp and make the system ready for application, before which you should expect a durable and flexible mesh to be attached to your scalp. This is done by gently and carefully threading strands of your own hair through the mesh so as to attach it without using any heat or painful, irritating substances, such as glue.

Human Hair

It is important to understand that your natural hair is resting comfortably beneath a system built with 100% real, natural human hair so that you may easily feel confident in your new appearance. The hair used to cover your thinning natural hair will be applied by your skilled professional in small sections so that you never need to worry about the hair sitting at an unnatural angle or not falling properly. Once the hair is properly attached, you will already be able to see that your scalp is no longer visible and that any previous thinning is gone.


After you have your system put in place, you simply cannot leave with the new hair just hanging from your head. You should also be rewarded with a beautiful and modern new hairstyle. The professionals who help tailor fit your hair replacement mesh will continue by cutting and styling your newly re-energised hair, and you may even choose a colour different from your original colour or add lowlights and highlights for added depth. You will leave the studio after receiving your completely non-surgical hair loss solution feeling great and looking spectacular once the stylists are finished with your transformation.

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