Gratitude Attitude

Monday, December 18, 2017

Gratitude Attitude

This post has 12 little things that I am grateful for as 2017 nears its tail end.

Each year has been a blessing that the hand of Life gives and I am compelled to share a list of 12 things that I’ve learned and am grateful for. In less than two weeks, 2017 will be history and 2018 will flower.

1. Life is swift. It truly is. Tell this to the teen or the 30 year young me, I might have just nodded and tuned out. But as I turned 35 this year, and through the self-empowerment journey that was ignited last year, I am finally beginning to embody this in my living. I spend time mindfully. I take time each day to regroup with my inner being for a daily report. It’s like a meeting but it’s with myself and I can be in my slouchiest outfit to do this.

2. Love mindfully. I think it’s so easy to think that we love but in actuality it’s just another form of control and manipulation. I unlearn what I thought was being loving before that open up the space for the love that is Life. In every little interaction with humans and non-humans alike, there’s an opportunity to express this loving spirit in a place of empowerment. It’s a gift to note that Love is within and not in a place, state of mind, things or specific people.

3. Nature teaches that all forms and expressions have their place. I learn to detangle from the collective human mental noise that can be far from the more neutral reality of life. I started to take myself out on solo dates in spaces where greenery was abundant and I never stop. It’s how this body and spirit learn how to recharge.

4. I let my own natural inclinations be. Whatever they may be. They’re to be expressed. I no longer sit to fight invisible ghouls. I learn to appreciate every spectrum of human emotions and feelings, acknowledging that each one will be transmuted. I used to wear shields trying to protect myself from anxiety. Now I use it as a weapon for self-insight.

5. I am grateful to learn to apply healthy boundaries in the closest relationships I am blessed to have so I can make time to be with myself. As someone who grew up sensitive to the point that it started to get annoying even to myself, I learn to depart from the need to people-please. Nobody’s approval is needed in living my own life to the fullest.

6. I learn to appreciate the differences between the two genders. The needs of a woman and the needs of a man can be different. And there is no need to fit anyone into a box. My own life is a testament to breaking every box that I find myself in.

7. I learn to love my solitude. I’ve always been solitary and found creativity when I’m by myself but somehow that got lost as I took in a lot from the external environment growing up to the point where it overwhelmed me. Now that I’m reunited with the power that has already been there, I am in deep gratitude finding my center.

8. I socialize mindfully. When I’ve had enough, I will gratefully excuse myself. I love being with people but I don’t need to be around them all the time. I respect my need to release myself from being smothered by other people’s energy. I don’t depend on external validations to give myself the permission to enjoy my life, by myself or with others.

9. I appreciate and find meaning in the connections formed no matter how fleeting with girls and women in real life as well as online who are blazing their life paths with fire. We may be different on the surface but dig deep, the same fire is burning in each one of us.

10. I stop trying to make things happen and let go into the flow of life that has the bigger picture. I’m comfortable being clueless and letting Life show me the direction to take.

11. I learn to speak less. And I report, I am happier because of it. I write more. And that’s something I will do for as long as I live.

12. I take myself on solo drives around this small town where I live and appreciate every corner it has with new eyes. I’ve been here forever but I never quite saw it in clarity before.


About the photos: I had fun skirting around the edge of the wild vegetation with my talented photographer mom who is my superhero.

Enough about me: As the year comes to an end, what do you think about? What are you in gratitude of? You know I love reading your comments so be sure to drop them all down below!

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