A Tranquil Evening Poetry

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Tranquil Evening Poetry

It's poetry time!

A poem that came to be while I sat out to immerse my senses with the tropical magic hour as my cats snacked on their kibbles.

And alternating photos from around the front yard that I hope will convey to you the sense of nature's poetic beauty.

Here it is.

Enjoy the read!

Wind Chime Chimes

Brown leaves rustle
Lizards communicate
Brown leaves scatter
Breeze lifts heat from skin
Cat sneezes
Cat resumes eating

Scent of shampoo
Hangs in the air
Lone dog barks
Cat cleans up
Vehicle sounds
Fly buzzes
Cat observes
Lizard speaks

Wind chime chimes
Yellow leaves leave
Mother tree
Motorbike passes
Cars too
Cat moves
Human sounds
Brown leaves
Earthy scents
Burning smells

Sound of cars
Crickets sing
Birds fly
Flies too
Cats lounge
Cat squints
Frogs talk
Cat alerts

Wind breeze
Cools skin
Flies buzz
Squirrel sneaks off
Birds dance
Evening sky mellows
Kid sounds

Dried leaves scamper
Breeze combs trees
Lifts heat from body
Wind chime chimes
Lizard speaks
Vehicle speeds
Dead leaves follow gravity
Cats relax
Cats sit
Door creaks


What does this poem make you think about? I would love to know!

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