Dare To Live

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dare To Live

Tired of everything? I show you wonderful pictures of a butterfly that came to visit me one fine evening and demand you to read this exquisite post.

My grandma passed away last year and I am compelled to share something about the experience. She was a petite grandma, light on her feet and quick in her speech which was in Urdu. For many years as a young adult, I saw her as one feisty, powerful woman of the house.

As someone who only got to visit her only once every year, I learned to love her from a distance.

I loved my grandma ferociously after a major family crisis that made us grew closer. The last few times we got to see her: I witnessed a loosening of the grip on the needless suffering and stresses in her mind.

On the last day before she left us, she visited her close friend by taking a walk to her house before coming back to rest in the evening. The months before, when we saw her, she had a presence so joyful that was different, I was glad to be able to see that. She became lighter energetically as the hands of time took her closer to her passing. We saw her enjoying her favorite betel leaves and smiling with her eyes.

I never saw her as relaxed for many years and to see that she was relaxed at that time was a precious moment.

Realize that we don't have to wait until we are reminded of our limited time to start living fully. Little things that grate (usually from things out of our control) will matter NOT if we are suddenly informed of our limited time here on Earth.

I will not let the little things hold me back from my enjoyment of the life that is in front and all around me and is coursing through me. The challenges that come are part of the flow of Life and I will work creatively with the moment's unique call. I may make mistakes, feel low and wretched for at least about once a month because hey, biology, but, I understand and accept it and will let life flower through me.

Correction: That specific time of the month calls for me to get in touch with MYSELF. Though I may look and feel murderous, I respect my moon cycle and flow along with it. I will let myself experience more and enjoy as I do, no matter the circumstance.

OH MY GOATS! What on unicorn universe is this post about?! Okay, a quick summary down below, peeps. Calm down.

The photos are of this solo butterfly (if you haven't noticed it yet) having a feast on the white blooms and I was lucky to have my posterior set out at the time with my camera. I chilled with the winged one for quite some time being a witness. It actually flew kind of close to me one time and I got scared. I hope these photos will show you something butterflies and humans like to do: EAT.

A gentle reminder to you readers: Know that YOU and I are Life's little gifts, forms with expiry dates. Just like this butterfly. Don't waste your energy on things out of your control. Live in the moment. Live with what you've been given. I dare you to live boldly the way that is only you can do it. Not anyone else.

Remember that when you experience suffering in whatever forms it can arise, something in you is aware that this too is part of living. Don't run away. Use your suffering as signposts to your full flowering. Lose any idea of perfection. There is none.

Life carries all. It's not wise to covet the 'desirable' parts of living and distract yourself from other facets of it. How can we experience Life honestly without ever coming to terms with the opposite? Permit yourself the freedom from identification. You can't hold on to happiness. You can't hold on to pain. Feel all. Let all pass through you. Be transformed.

Well folks, what do you think of this butterfly? I hope the photos give your eyeballs something invigorating before you retire for the day or begin one. Thank you for looking and reading - I am massively in gratitude of you taking the time to peek in!

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