Vaster Than Sky

Friday, January 5, 2018

Vaster Than Sky

The time I played happy ghost in an Indian fusion style getup.

So peeps, hi, hey, yo... It’s 2018!

We're about a week into the new year. Another year, same old me but also quite different. Don’t know what it is. Must be the deep breathing I’ve been practising or the two baked curry puffs I’d just gobbled up. And yet, I’m still hungry at this hour which is ridiculous because I’d stuffed my face earlier.

Enough about my hunger, what about yours? Did you stuff your face as you celebrate the dawn of the new year or just a while back? Now, I’m thinking about those yummy Hokkaido baked cheese tarts, darn it - I need to get them tomorrow, please! Still plotting for my next food type to throw into my mouth, I will now let you eyeball what I wore end of last year, early October. I forgot to share them in 2017. But it’s okay, I’m still here, brilliantly fit and healthy and about to let you look at my OOTD.

Basically, this outfit was a fusion type of thing I'd attempted. Instead of a pair of long pants, I wore pleated culottes in that awkward length with the long Indian tunic that had side slits which I love. The ombre scarf had darling pleats as well. Every piece of this outfit has been worn before, except for that gradient scarf because usually I refrain from covering the neck area as I reside in a tropical nation. I wore this for impact, specifically, from the gradient colors and the movement it added to the look. I chucked it at the backseat of the car after the photo shoot sesh was over.

Pictures begin. Eyeballs relax and enjoy!

Hiding behind the wall to nap because the evening Miss Sun started to get excited to play.

Aren't pleats sweet?

Showing you the pleated ombre scarf because I love it! Somehow, it is looking like I'm hiding it from you. Sorry, it's mine!

Getting ready to climb up the abandoned architecture that might house real ghouls to play faux ghost.

But first, let me strike a pose.

And then another pose from in between the massive walls because I couldn't help myself.

Some green foliage for your eyeballs because they are soul-rejuvenating. Please stare for 3.5 seconds or longer for instant effect.

And here I was elated to be on the upper floor looking possibly quite deranged from an onlooker's point of view but hey, life's too short to act sane all the time!

So, do you like this outfit? Or is it outrageously putting you to sleep? Great! You can come back again later when you need to cure your insomnia.

To end this entry, here's a quote by Marcus Aurelius to touch your heart:

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”

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