Indo Chic Batik

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Indo Chic Batik

The time I wore some Indonesian batik in the form of a triangle scarf.

This batik triangle scarf with pom poms comes from Indonesia and I’d like to show you how I wore and styled it one fine day.

The motif on this Indonesian batik scarf is abstract in nature and has a few chickens on it and you know how I feel about them in dishes. A dose of protein is always anticipated by me along with some casual OOTDs.

If the weather’s chilly, you can wear this scarf around your neck. The breathable fabric is wonderful for tropical Malaysia as Indonesia is just about next to it. You can also tie the scarf like a bandeau style top. I did it layered over a black tank top because the neighbors might start to put up chairs in front of their yards and bring some popcorn to watch my free show.

I kept it pretty casual with this khaki pants I got on offer but I found out that the cinched cuffs were hugging my sexy calf area way too much I had snip the band thing to make sure that my legs get their adequate blood supply. I wore the scarf like a throwover cardigan too and I felt comfortable wearing it this way.

This scarf can be worn over your head as well and tied about the leg area that you see some bloggers do with their bandana. I wore it tied around the waist like so in the photos so you can have some pom pom action happening that will make animals, kids and their parents and grandparents visually curious which in turn will stimulate some extra brain activity.

I am having a headache as I type this entry but I will prepare myself for a casual dance to shake it off. I hope you’re enjoying your day, evening or morning and that this post puts a smile on your gorgeous faces!

For more delightful handcrafted Indonesian batik like this, please check out Batik Amarilis!

What do you think of the batik scarf styling? How would you wear it? Let me know all of your delicious thoughts and thank you so much for spending your time here!

To end this entry, here’s a quote by Mooji and a song by Kings of Leon that my ears are currently enjoying.

“The mind is like an inner journalist that attacks your self-image and then reports about it.
But all the time there is a higher seeing present that is not caught in the bubble of this play.
It simply Is. It is pure non-dual awareness.
It has no conflict with anything.
It is what you truly are.
It is you. You are It.”

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