River Of Life

Monday, April 23, 2018

River Of Life

The time my cat and I show you our OOTD together.

Hi sassy folks. How have you all been doing? Is the Spring still in winter? Have your dogs returned home? What's cooking for dinner? These are some of the pressing questions that pop up as I let my fingers drum the keyboard.

Well apparently, my phone has an old android OS that will not allow me to update Whatsapp. I deleted the old Whatsapp and thought I could perhaps install it back. Alas, the darn thing did absolutely zero! Asked someone at the phone shop for assistance to install it for me and he gave me a funny look as though I was born with the dinosaurs but I smiled and put my phone in his hand. After tweaking for a few minutes as I quietly got paranoid if he was checking out my gallery of stunning selfies, he said this phone is too old! How dare you technology! So now, I'm free from bloody Whatsapp. Till I get a new phone then.

My sweet mom said it's high time I get a new phone as the current phone could very well be an antique with a reserved spot in the museum for old smartphones. How dare she! Oh well, she cracked me up when I got her Instagram message. Yes, the only method to get to me is via Instagram message. How dare you Whatsapp! The last thing I expect Whatsapp to do but in a way, I am really blessed too. It opens up a huge space in the old phone for selfies I send to nobody and a ton of cat photos which I'm planning to populate this space with.

To keep up with the spirit of decluttering life out of the unnecessary, this outfit is an example of that. I got this very breathable cotton tee from the thrifty corner at the mall and I love the faded print look. It's got a slogan that's barely there. It says My Life My Rules. Groundbreaking stuff, I know. And in a small text under that, it says Play At Your Own Risk. That escalated rather quickly but I kind of like the sinister vibe.

The midi skirt is from mom's closet. And this army green sandals are perfect for my wide foot. Aiden, the fluffy feet-loving cat decided to show his OOTD for the evening and joined me standing by the wall. You can see that he has got his tail up to hold the wall as he decides which way should he direct his gaze. Such a charmer!

Well friends, that is it for today's post. What do you think of this outfit? It's a simple one, I know.

By the way, I'm on a healthy hair journey! Hahah! I cannot believe I said that but yes, I said it. I even got combs - this is HEADLINE NEWS for someone who hated combs! I got hair combs with picks, even! And retiring the sulfate-laden shampoos and also saying goodbye to the highlighted hair. This girl is going natural! Comparing what I see in the mirror now to the time these photos were taken, I'd humbly declare that my curl pattern is coming back to life in a way that's making me excited to detox my hair completely. Gotta thank the YouTube Curly Girl Community for the boost of motivation.

To end this entry, here's a quote by Mooji:

"In life, take the attitude that everything is already as it should be, just as it is, and find fault with nothing, but respond to everything naturally. There is no need to identify yourself as any particular person. Just stay aware and conscious of your awareness and witness the marvellousness of life."

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