Moon Muse

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Moon Muse

A poem that came to me one late night when the moon was bright and cats share their loving silence with me.

As I was contemplating the transient nature of the human life, or was reminded of it during my nature walks and listening to Mooji's satsangs, I guess this poem brewed itself to existence for this entry.

I hope these words take you to places.

Poem Title: Walking With Life

I'm walking with Life by the shoreline
waves encroach and off they go in a rhythm
she tells me the space is vast
it always was, still is and will forever be
I'm walking with Life, hand in her palm
by the river's edge
She tells me even if we forget
the immense undercurrent of strength
touches each one
no matter the surface
there is grace
I'm walking with Life
Golden moon beams in sight
She tells me I am completely
and utterly enough as I am
I'm walking with Life
Clouds paint an evolving art in the sky
Stars squint and scatter
She says I am free
to be and when form entropies
be willing to slip away


What do you think of this poem? Share below - I love reading your thoughts! So pour away :)

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