Cats Spill Love

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Cats Spill Love

The time the cats took over and blogged for me!

Hi friends, thank you for your awesome support on the blog and elsewhere. I just felt that I needed to start this post with gratitude and I hope you know that I appreciate each one of your comments and messages! Moving on from gratitude to catitude, this post is dedicated to me by the cats that happen to be loving me.

When you read ahead, trust that the words are from Aiden and Tidus, the fluffy kitties that have been with me since 2010.

Dear humans, please give our human some attention. Especially, when it's having to do with her keeping us fat and happy. We know she does something on that screen quietly but we have no clue exactly but the point is she writes. Or pretends to.

Oh yes, please hire her so I can keep sniffing this flower and not have to eat it. I am Tidus and I happen to enjoy chicken necks that she boils in a broth. Everytime she cooks the chicken neck broth, I know she will give me those crunchy calcium-filled bones which I love. Lately, she gives us lactose-free milk with good stuff in it for our digestion. I love it and hog the milk so Aiden can practice some patience.

Aiden here. Hello. I feel sleepy but yes, please give our human some human-related tasks that can keep me sleeping happily here. The cards she has ridiculously spread over the table I happen to sleep are quite cute and they're letterpressed from Indonesia. The designer happens to be our other human that will appreciate your business. She is a professional and will not hesitate to be professional when needs arise.

These humans keep our paws fat. And when we feel like it, they give us massages, but I especially like when they use feet. They can only do this if they're hired for work by other humans. As they keep on harping on these days - yes, that everything is a collaborative effort, so go on and get in touch with our humans. Now, let me sleep. Prrrrr.

Thanks cats for putting out priceless words of support for me and my sister. To those who are still reading, I hope you like the format of this entry. It's just to show the business cards my sister designed and created for me. It's made using letterpress printing technology. I appreciate the texture and the thickness of the card. It is quite thick and the cards are as fragrant as an old well-loved book which is perfect for a bookworm with a penchant for sniffing books like me.

The back of the card is filled with a bunch of clouds on a pink background. One of the clouds rebelled and sat in a different position from the rest. You go cloud! #lol

Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed this entry as my cats did. Let me know if you'd like to have a piece of this card. I'll send it to you!

PS: If you are wondering why the main color of the card is pink, let me just say that it seems that the perky color has infiltrated my life without me knowing why and I don't mind. In fact, my nails at the moment are pink in color as is the keyboard cover.

To end this entry, here's a quote by Mooji:

"There is nothing to come that can give you anything more than what you already are."

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