Rhythm In Colors

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

  Rhythm In Colors

The time colors paint themselves on a blank canvas.

I feel like throwing myself in a body of water. And stay there letting the liquid soak the heat out of this tropical body while writing words in my head. But here I am, thinking about colors.

As I have mentioned, I took to my old nail polishes to indulge myself in color therapy. This post is another one of those to show what I've been up to in moments of random creativity.

When I first used the nail polishes, I became aware of the difference in the textures. Some were sticky, challenging to drag for a shaded effect as it quickly dried off during the process. Some were much more fluid, almost diluted in consistency that I get to drag the brush longer and the shaded effect naturally created itself.

Some colors appealed more as I engaged more in shading using nail polishes. And this particular piece showed the effect and it got me inspired to further push the boundary of this unexpected medium.

Colors come alive. Alive they come. Together in fascinating contrasts, these colors can all be found in Nature. During my evening walks, I cannot help but to be fascinated by the quiet explosion of colors that Mother Nature has blessed us all with. This piece is inspired by the kind of intense orange sunset, retreating greenery lost in a blur of fog, smog and whatever else and the big mighty blue ocean.

Well, what do you think of this nail polish painting?

Does it make you feel some type of way? Share below - I love reading your comments!

To end this entry, here's a quote by Mooji:

"Let your eyes remain empty of interpretation and the seeing will occur in silence. Attention craves to go out shopping through the senses. Leave the senses to function naturally while keeping attention merged in the heart. Observe the omnipresence of pure Awareness."

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