Peacock Mood

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Peacock Mood

The time I showed you the peacock feather print midi dress I wore to weather the Malaysian tropical temps casually.

Hi there! It has been ages since I posted a casual outfit post so this one is all about the OOTD.

This was before I went to trim my hair, I vaguely remember. A yellow bird was flying high in the ancient tall trees and when I spotted it, I fell into a delight. It's always nice to spot rare birds in vibrant colors around the local park here and I also am a stalker of a gorgeous blue kingfisher. My bird stalking behavior aside, I just cooked up some really yummy chicken feet vege broth and it's slow-cooking on the stove.

Oh wait, this is about the outfit. Sorry. Yes. I got this very soft cotton midi dress on sale on a particular evening. There's a mall next to the park where I sweat it out in the evening and one fine day, I felt like extending my exercise into the mall and bless me, I found this dress and another one of the same style in a different print. Blame the tropical humidity, I just had to get the super soft breathable sleeveless dresses and so far, I've worn them a lot of times.

So, this was the dress I randomly got while out on a brisk walk/jog and the print is of the peacock feather variety. It has a faded look going on and the waist is elasticized so you got that curve definition but sometimes, I wear it awkwardly it just looks strange but there are STRANGER THINGS.

To keep it on the casual mood, I wore this toe loop sandals. The soles need some fixing and perhaps, I'll give the cobbler a visit again before doing weird things to it.

Random true story: I used a glue that I thought was hardcore enough to attach the sole of a sports shoe and it came off while I walked and visited the cobbler after so long. The guy that ran the shoe-fixing business by the road side told me to reserve that glue for other materials as it is not strong enough plus he will have to peel off the glue from the base of the shoes before attaching the sole using some real hardcore shoe glue. #LOL Lesson learned. Leave it to the expert to get the base of your shoe reattached if you're like me!

Anyway, my yummy broth is slowly cooking to perfection (well, according to my personal taste) and I cannot wait to slurp the good stuff!

I hope you enjoyed this post. What do you think of my casual dress? Let me know your thoughts down below - I enjoy reading each one! Apologies for missing some of your delightful comments and finding out there were in a different comment department on Disqus. I wish you all a stupendous day!

To end this entry, here's a quote by Mooji to ponder:

"If you live only inside the idea you have of yourself,
you will lose contact with the actuality of life
and be out of synchronicity with the cosmic flow.
If you only live inside the opinions others have of you,
then you will not mature spiritually
and you will cultivate a very unstable or tamasic mind.
But if you reflect upon what you see,
hear, feel and observe,
you develop a wisdom and power
to discern the real from the unreal
and awaken to the Self."

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