Stripe Remix

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Stripe Remix

The time I wore something striped and rambled randomly away.

A curly groggy doggie came by to sleep by the gate and slept, he did through it all when I maneuvered some dry cat food pellets through the gate for the furry curlball, and when he woke up, I saw and sensed how he was enjoying the food and wanting more. I opened the gate slowly so as not to scare the little one and he or she somehow trusted me enough to come close to where I had placed more pellets for her or him to munch. Such a cutie.

On to more updates, I had a fever that made me think of the aging process in depth and rekindled a renewed appreciation for being gentle to one's self. Fever's all gone. So, thank you immune system. Right now the purring of the laundry in the washing machine is half-putting me to sleep but I am going to chug a shot of caffeine as a boost. Bear with me on my very exciting post.

I'm back! So how's your beating hearts doing this very fine evening? I hope everyone's had their regular baths and made sure to smell fresh. Well, this post is so scattered up but that's the vibe I'm feeling.

Well, then. About the outfit. If you had already eyeballed the OOTD while ignoring my thought processes, it was a print a print type of outfit shenanigan. Everything that made up the look had made up some other previous looks before. Except the crop top which is lovely, isn't it? It's a gift from my sis and it's got this old-school colored stripe print going on. I felt I jumped out of the 70s.

About my hair, I clearly got bored of it when I chopped the fringe myself one night an inner hair magician decided to make a show of herself. I've had the short bangs before but never with a long highlighted curly do. Right now, I'm sporting a short curly bob that a visit to a proper salon gave to me.

I stepped into the threshold thinking that I'd just probably get a trim. Fortunately, the sudden short hair cut made me even more grounded. As I stared back at the brown and blonde curls lying haphazardly on the floor, I felt a pang of nostalgia and the pause made the hairdresser ask me a question which you will find after this photo.

Do you want to take the curls back? I said, what for? To bury them, she said. I laughed and said, maybe she should preserve my lucky curls for herself.

I stepped out of the salon feeling like I got a neck and now I'm growing out the colored and highlighted bits and bobs at the end. I'll continue my hair story on a separate post.

Thank you for reading friends. Let me know what you think of the OOTD. Or you can share with me your most random thoughts, so we can all be random.

To end this post, here's a quote to warm yourself with this breezy evening by Mooji:

"There is a silence in you.
It is always here, constant and unmovable.
It is not doing anything. Be aware of this.
It is simply here but It didn't arrive.
You are not a person here. In the silence itself,
you are without history, name and form.
Recognise that space here now which simply Is.
It underlies all activity, but It Itself
does not participate in any activity.
Notice and confirm this now,
and stay in your beautiful rest."

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