Poetry Attack - Wet Day

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Poetry Attack - Wet Day

The time a poem is ready for you to consume.

Hi friends of the internet, planet and beyond.

I received this poem from a short and utterly cleansing hot bath today as the rain transitioned from a dazzling pour to a light sprinkling and now am compelled to unveil it to you here in this form.

Since some of you enjoy poetry posts more so than my very exciting casual outfit posts, I'm going to listen to Mother Universe and drop poetry on the regs yo. So, here you go.

I nearly deleted this particular poem because a part of me felt self-conscious that it was lame but then I thought why must I share only the ones I perceive as worth sharing, what do I mean by self-conscious and drop into a rabbit hole of existential mental gymnastics and something shouted well gee, that's enough.

So, here's the weather-inspired poem that came to me during an uplifting modern-day bath. It was technically a shower but whatever. Enjoy!

Poem Title: Wet Day

Wet, wet day
hot hot water,
pores soaked
to the core...
liquid on lashes
soft, so soft...

Wet, wet day
hot hot water,
soggy ground
tender pour
buzzing sound...

Hot hot water
wet wet day,
foggy mirror
seeing eyes
half shut
spirit delights

Wet wet day,
Hot hot water,
takes a second...


Well, what do you think of the poem? Share below - I do really want to know!

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