Poetry Of The Day: Beyond The Ether

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Poetry Of The Day: Beyond The Ether

The time I pondered about the abandoned art of hanging out by the balcony and then surprised you with a poem!

Do people spend any time on the balcony anymore?

Loitering behavior around buildings has rapidly undergone a transformation. No longer are people bothered to plop themselves outside of their flats, condos, apartments, terrace houses, semi-Ds or bungalows just to stare into spaces for long periods of time.

Long ago, I remember there being specters hanging around the space that protrudes outside, usually in buildings with more than a floor - I have not heard of balconies on ground floor. I heard it's called a porch. Not that people have completely dismissed the use of balconies at all these days though you'd have to agree that the usage seems to have diminished quite somewhat compared to the early days of mobile phones. Or could it be that peeping toms no longer need to step out to peep.

Screens are where the peeping game takes place. Peeping toms and janes have upgraded tech. Why should they be so obvious, right? I don't know why this post is talking about peeping toms, joes, janes and donnas. Just something my brain does when it is not thinking about anything in particular.

Talking about thinking, I have a piece of poetry that is inspired by fiction and reality. Enjoy!

Poem Title : Beyond The Ether

I saw you last by surprise,

Vivid eyes, a curious stranger's smile..

you said to give her a ring,

she will appreciate it, you think..

we spoke a little more

and in pauses,

I recognize

an energy

spilling over,

quiet and peculiar,

as though we've known

each other,

except that it was not

and only ever

through the mutual bond

with your daughter..

May your stepping outside

of this existence send you

safely into the

Heart of Life

beyond the ether..


Friends, what do you think of this poem and seriously though: have you been hanging out by the balcony of late? What do you do there usually in terms of your favorite activity?

I have no balconies where I am situated at. I don't know why it matters to me but I love thinking about random things. So, please, be lovely and share your thoughts! Many thanks for your visit, you must know I appreciate it :)

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