Hara Organic Face Mask & Scrub Review

Friday, November 23, 2018

Hara Organic Face Mask & Scrub Review / Shanaz AL

The time I share about an Indian organic face mask (slash scrub) that transforms my skincare game.

In October, I was walking around in town when I spotted a new local Indian boutique that just popped up and it was so colorful I ventured into it to immerse myself in the colors, patterns and glitters. The girl that ran the shop was talking to some customers and left to my own devices, I could just stare at the clothes for the longest time but it was because I am a master at window-shopping.

A few moments later, I saw by the front desk something homemade and natural that were in boxes. That drew me in as I asked the beautiful curly-haired girl the question: What are these? She let me try the hair oil and made me sniff the aroma as I rubbed the thick oil in between my palms before spreading it at the ends of my hair. I was in lavender heaven.

Then she opened up a mysteriously attractive container of a face mask and placed it near my nose. As I took in the scent via my very keen nostrils again, something in me just loved it. The mix of all the Indian herbs got me by my nose and I pre-ordered the hair oil and the mask/scrub.

So, this is my personal review for the mask/scrub, which is by our Malaysian homegrown Hara Organic.

I made sure to use it for two months at least before making this review. Ever since I avoided using face products recklessly, especially the ones laden which chemicals, I found myself drawn to stuff that has a short list of natural ingredients.

I'd do a face story perhaps, in the future to give a background intel of the skin type I have and my teenage skin woes that extended into adulthood skin struggles. As for now, I am happy to say, even though I have blemishes, marks from old acne scars, moles and spots, my skin has never been happier. As long as I keep it simple, that is.


Let's jump to the actual review. Sorry, I blabber. Ha.

Firstly, let me confess that I have loved turmeric in my food and DIY'd a homemade facial mask using it before. When I decided to get this mask and scrub combo from a local Indian boutique I visited on a whim, I thought it was going to be a familiar experience as the turmeric mask I did on my own.

Well, I must say that I was delightfully surprised as to how very different the experience was (it contained natural herbs: yellow lentils, green gram, saffron, turmeric and sandalwood) and amazing it was for my face from the first use.

Hara Organic Face Mask & Scrub : How I Make it INTO A PASTE?

To make it into a paste that you can easily spread on my face, I take two teaspoons of the powder and mix with rose water about half a tablespoon or more. I use a finger to get the paste mixed up beautifully into a consistency that's slightly runny.

Then I apply it to my face. It is an aromatic mask. If you are especially sensitive to scents and like everything organic, this mask is perfect for you. I have a sensitive nose and I simply love the aroma of this.

When you apply it on your face, you will feel a cooling sensation from the mixture of rose water and the powder. Little grains are present in the mask/scrub as well so the paste has a textured consistency.

As it dries gradually, you feel a tightening effect on your facial skin which can be seen in the mirror. Your face will appear lifted by the dried mask. I wait until the mask is fully dried on my skin before the removal process, which is my favorite, can you believe it?!

With a mask scrub like this, it dries really hard (if you leave it long as I sometimes like to do) and there's a way to remove it gently. I wet both hands with warm water and gently wet the dried out mask.

How I Remove The Hara Organic Face Mask & Scrub From My Face?

My favorite part is right here as I use gentle circular motions to soften the mask and allow the grains to massage the skin of my face and neck. The mask releases such a heavenly fragrance as I do this and it is so relaxing. The grains add a pleasurable tactile experience on the face as I gently exfoliate while removing the mask bit by bit.

The result is a shocking baby smooth facial skin and as someone who has acne-afflicted skin and huge pores, I am truly surprised that I get to feel my skin feeling rejuvenated and healthy. It says that visible results can be seen within two to three times of use but I dare say my skin looked and felt fantastic from the first use.

I have a sensitive skin, with large pores and a combination skin type that can get extra oily or dry depending where I am in my menstrual cycle. Hara facial mask and scrub is gentle enough for my sensitive skin and I am still using it regularly, always looking forward to have it on my face after a few days.


I am truly impressed by this gentle and aromatic local Malaysian organic beauty mask and scrub! I use it every few days and cannot go without it. If your skin responds positively to Indian herbs, then I highly recommend it! But please, only you know how you facial skin is, so trust your gut! Don't blindly use anything I recommend because we are not exact copies.

I use no cleansers whatsoever these days (for over a year), only using water to wash my face. I will show some real face progress photos soon. I have a lot but they need arranging. My facial skin is far from flawless and that's not the point. At this point of my life, I do appreciate that it is healthy and happy!

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Have you tried Hara Organic products before? Or any other Indian organic natural face masks? Do share below! I'd love to know your personal skin story!

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