Blue Bird Muse

Friday, November 30, 2018

Blue Bird Muse

The time I painted a blue bird using nail polishes and a sharpie and really loved it!

Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly, said that song.

Well, I didn't have to go over the rainbow to spot a blue bird or two. Apparently, they have been around in the local park here and when I first spotted one during my evening walk, I was quite over the rainbow.

It was a real treat to see it perched usually on a low-hanging branch. It is a kingfisher as I have found out later after a google research. I thought of all of the times years ago when I used to walk in the same park and had totally missed the blue birds, the eagles, the yellow birds, green birds and the slow bird and the vigilant ones.

Back to the story: So when I first saw a pair of blue birds one fine evening, you could only imagine my delight. Some unknown jogger might have thought that I'd lost a few screws in the head but blue birds, the sight of them, captivated me and how could I hide the kid-like joy! Never!

Perhaps, it's such an electric blue, in the midst of all the greenery. It's a visual jolt. Usually, I'd spot it because I was looking up into the trees in the area it often is sighted hanging around, most likely taking in that I was noticing it too.

Sometimes, it would be on a piece of a rock near the lake, watchful because it is after all a kingfisher, ready to fish like a king. I'd seen one swooping swiftly to catch a meal by a tree. It was a quick and gorgeous sight.

So gorgeous, I decided to paint the birdie using old nail polishes which I did months ago and today, I will show you the painting of the blue bird I did out of the blue (pun intended). I referred to a photographic memory of it at first and kind of wing it out (pun intended) when I painted the feathered one. I also utilized a black sharpie pen to add a few details as the bird had black feathers along with the startling blue ones and prominent long black beak - that is the perfect tool to fish like a king.

What do you think of the nail polish painting of the blue bird? Have you seen a blue bird in real life? Do you have one as a pet? Share your thoughts - I love reading them.

I end this post with something I'd typed a while back:

"There's a language in the green, so quiet and intoxicating. It calls me every evening in tender silence. The green reminds me the heart of all things. In every movement, caress of wind, kiss of sun rays filtered by canopies of tall ancient trees, I am home, blessed, always."

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