How To Prep For A Girls' Night Out For An Introvert?

Saturday, December 8, 2018

How To Prep For A Girls' Night Out For An Introvert?

How to prep the charming female introvert that is you for a girls' night out.

I don't know about you but I do social gathering with my cats and mother nature a lot.

When it comes to human beings, I find that a degree of preparation is often needed. Not too much, but just a little. This post will help you get through a night-out planned annually since a decade back and finally about to take place but you're wondering if you've got yourself prepped. Firstly, relax!

To successfully prep for a night out with your friends, remember to stick with the basics and keep it simple.

After all, it is supposed to be fun when humans that have liked one another -- when they had virgin eye brows -- reunite and congregate with newly-defined and hopefully polished eye brows. You've known each other's secrets in high school, college and the work place, maybe. You likely have laughed at each other's intense stories of endless crushes and imaginary boyfriend disasters back when you thought you had a relationship worked out in your head.

Now, all you're going to do is to sit near each other looking cute, eating and drinking while reminiscing about everything once more while appreciating each other's company! A snap or two for the social media might even happen. How hard can that be? It already sounds too exciting even for an introvert like me. Gather your popcorn or preferred snacks, my gentle ladies.

Well, it can be super easy when the basics are covered. So let us start, shall we?

Choosing your outfit / OOTD-planning

This is the one time when it is essential that you feel good, so go with something that you like to wear and feel comfortable in. Jeans are always a safe bet for a girls’ night out, unless, of course, you are going somewhere where a feminine dress is a must. If a tailored designer dress is called for and you want to make an impression, then you may shop online where you know you'll find top designer names at affordable prices. The easiest way, though? Check what your friends are wearing and keep it simple and authentically you.

Accessorizing yourself

Stylish and elegant silver bracelets only from Corazon Latino will ensure you look terrific and with the right pair of earrings, you are already half-way there to a promising memorable evening with your wonderful friends. If you need some accessory inspiration, well, Google is your best friend and can bring up literally hundreds of fine examples of fashion-forward accessories to sprinkle over your party look. But I'd recommend Fashionista NOW because it has like a lot of cool ear bling inspo that will keep you immersed for days!

Of course, going overboard with accessorizing is far from practical. Again, keep it simple so you can focus on vital essentials like a few menstrual pads or tampons (in case you and another friend get period synchronization) and perhaps, a bar of your favorite dark chocolate when you feel like snacking while everyone else is off to the loo for another round of story-telling.

Hair & Makeup

For those who can't help but to want to dance, bring some hairbands so you can have your hair up if you want to keep your neck free and visible. As for others who like to have their hair down, keep the mane down! What's the point of this post again? Oh yes, yes. Introvert's night out. Remember that it could be a long night and you want to look your best as you feel your best. Take necessary breaks to visit a quiet space while touching up your makeup, if it's your thing. Bring your favorite lipstick, eyeliner, wet wipes and a handkerchief for the special task of keeping yourself looking good and feeling fresh. Don't forget your favorite gentle hand lotion too!

The Mirror

Use a mirror and spend some time looking at yourself from various angles and allow yourself an extra 30 minutes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, using old accessories with a new outfit or old outfit with equally old accessories, to you a few more options and if the mirror likes what it sees, give your reflection a wink, do a silly dance and smile really wide. Do power poses for a burst of confidence. It's not a job interview, so remember to relax. Watch motivating people on your favorite social media platform for inspiration. Let your inner awesomeness radiate.

Practical Issues

Consider both the occasion and venue and make sure you are dressed for it. If you get cold easily from the AC or a slight breeze, bring a cardigan or some type of outerwear that goes with your outfit. If countless pictures are to be taken and you are going to take tons of it, make sure your phone is fully-charged and bring a charger or delegate and have another friend take the responsibility.

Think about what you might need for the hours you will be out, like a book or a torch light in case someone decides to do a random detour to check out spooky places. The book is for when you are the sober one left to nanny over friends who have decided to drink themselves silly and are not making sense anymore.

With the right make up and accessories, an introvert is set to get into the party mood as long as she's well prepped from within. Soon you will be yapping away with your friends and the hours will fly by and you cannot believe that you can now get back home again to see your cats. Have a sense of when you'd like to be home so you don't get drained unnecessarily. Your true friends will understand you!

What other ways do you prep for a night out so you can still be your best self when it is over? Share below - I love reading your thoughts!

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