Tree Poetry

Monday, December 17, 2018

Tree Poetry

The time I drop a poem on trees. Come read!

Hi friends, how are you all doing?

Due to a lot of time spent under, by and near trees, I have no choice but to share with you a poem inspired by the mighty greenery.

Trees are calming earthly fixtures you cannot not notice if you're living in tropical Malaysia. Our tropical trees are lush and filled with all kinds of things we know, think we know and many, that are still unknown.

But it doesn't take a scientist to tell you that sitting by a tree or walking under them can be quite a soothing experience. Trees are cooling on a hot day and in densely tree-populated spots, you can trust that they're fantastic as natural shades as trees are Mother Nature's air conditioner.

With that said, trees are homes to squirrels, birds, monkeys and all kinds of insects. Reptiles do lounge about there and they are home to the slithery kinds. With trees nearby, you have to be okay with bird poo. Just try to refrain from parking your car under a tree that is a poo machine. Especially trees that bear fruits!

Without further rambling, here's the poem for you to read.

Poem Title : Tree

I see you everywhere,
brown roots
decorating browner earth
deeper beige branches
holding up the green
facing it to the sky

The art in your bark
leaves no remark
satisfying enough
the lines that make
your leaves distinct
intricate, beguiling

The woody aroma
muddled with honey
sweet blooms
calms me down
tease my sight
with a vibrancy
lendS a lightness
to any spirit
that cares to feel it

I see you when I walk by
and when you rustle
it is hard not to look up
then catching a sight
of feathery ones nestled
in your shelter
aware of the stranger

When your leaves fall
to the ground
though no sound
the sight startles me
for a second
and I learn to be silent
and bask in your magic

As your leaves look up
soaking warm rays
with some sway
your roots lay down
a network
patterning the soil
mutually nourishing
one another

When the sudden breeze
arrives that
sends brown leaves down
seeds disperse far
and away
you remain as still as can be


What do you think of when you find yourself surrounded by trees? Share below - I do relish reading your comments! As always, thank you for taking the time to visit this space!

imagery by pexels

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