On My Head Poem

Thursday, January 31, 2019

On My Head Poem

The time you get to imagine my unplanned encounter with nature's oldest inhabitant that took place on a heavenly breezy night.

Hello friends. How are you?

It's been delightfully windy and sunny over here in old Malaysia! And I've been blessed to have my breezy evening walks feeling like the wind might just carry me up like a balloon. Today, a speck of dust made entry into my left eyeball and tears naturally filled up to push the debris away. Thanks biology. The blue bird, though was not in sight.

But what's amazing is I've got a blue bird living practically behind the house somewhere in the sparse forest. I saw the kingfisher for the fourth time now and it flew to sit on an electric wire facing a neighbor's house and to say that I was elated is an understatement! I'd thought I had to go to the park to spot the blue beauties but it's now right behind my house! One time, it was eating something as it casually chilled out on a cloth hanging wire and its long beige yellow beak stood in contrast with its body that had black, blue and white feathers.

Well, blue bird fascination aside, I'm taking care of a pine tree in pot by watering it in the evening but that's another story because this post is actually on something else. Haha.

I wrote this poem after an unforgettable encounter. It's pretty rare that I retained a dazed tranquility after this particular incident, but you'll understand more as you read the poem. Enjoy!

Title: On My Head

Breezy night,
tender rhythm
trees swaying,
winds singing,
on my head
it landed upon,
too heavy for
a dried brown
too grippy
for a stray twig
heart slamming
goosebumps rising
flipped my hair
called my cat
smelled a familiar scent
shook my head to one side
screaming bloody murder
critter lifted away
and up on a wall
a plump cockroach
and so was I...


So, what do you think of this poem?

I'm feeling kind of creeped out again but let's just say that this is a lesson on appreciating that even roaches want to live, be free and enjoy their lives. I'd end with a fun fact but I don't want to creep anyone even more!

Yep, I googled facts about the critters. Read them while cringing and decided not to share them here! Your thoughts, however, are deeply appreciated. So, please drop them down below.

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