How To Choose Jewellery For A Formal Event?

Thursday, January 24, 2019

How To Choose Jewellery For A Formal Event?

Ladies, are you having a dilemma over what jewellery to pair with your evening gown? Fret not, here's a guide to accessorizing for your formal event outfit like a bawse!

As if attending a formal event isn’t stressful enough, one must also dress appropriately, and how you accessorize can make or break your look. While it might seem a little daunting deciding what earrings and necklace to wear with that stunning gown, if you understand a few basic rules, then you will have no problems choosing the right accessories.

//  Subtlety is Key // 

When dressing for a formal event, your jewellery should not be the focus of your look, rather it should complement with a hint of colour, sparkle and contrast. Diamonds always work, of course, as do rubies and emeralds, and rather than thinking more is best, keep jewellery to a minimum.

// Earrings - Dangling Vs Studded //

Long earrings generally work with a strapless dress, with shorter earrings suited to a dress with shoulders. Of course, it all depends on the dress, and if you have yet to select your outfit, check out the designer dresses at, a leading online designer dress retailer for some eye-catching options.

//  Necklaces // 

Strapless gowns call for a short, but bold necklace, while a V-Neck pairs well with a pendant necklace. The Internet is always a good source of information, and should you wish to know what the your favourite Hollywood A-listers and style influencers are wearing, Google is your best friend. 

Trial and error is advised, so make sure you have your gown at least one week prior to the event; a full length mirror and the advice of a good friend will ensure that you are suitably attired and accessorized. You could even go as far as having a full dress rehearsal - complete with hair and makeup - which will give you plenty of self-confidence. High necklines do not need a necklace, unless it’s a choker that goes with the gown, and one shoulder dresses require bold earrings and no necklace.

//  Go With Gold And Pearls //

A formal event is the perfect venue to show off that stunning pearl necklace or gold chain, which brings with it a touch of glamour, but not too much. Pearls and gold go with red, light blues, velvet and, of course, black. If you are going with a partner, get him or her involved with the dressing and accessorizing game so that you could complement each other.

//  Bracelets And Bangles //

If you want to draw attention to your arms, thin bangles or bracelets are fine, and if you do, then go without a necklace, otherwise it is too much and detracts from the gown. It makes perfect sense to start with the gown, which will be the foundation of your look. Once you have that, you can start to think about jewellery, and there’s nothing like trial and error to find the perfect combination that speaks to your personal style. Makeup has an impact on the jewellery you wear, so if you are experimenting with jewellery, do it while made up.

In conclusion..

For more inspiration, a few online searches is all it takes to get good ideas, and if you lack a particular item, invest, as this will certainly not be the last formal event you attend. There are no hard and fast rules when accessorizing for a formal event, as it all depends on the gown. Once you have made your choice of dress, you can then begin to think about the accessories, and with a few dress rehearsals, you will nail that look and turn a few heads at the same time.

I hope this guide will help to simplify your jewellery hunt! What other ways do you employ when matching bling to your evening dress? Share below - we could all use a few practical tips, especially from those who are skilled in accessorizing.

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