Snail Poetry

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Snail Poetry

The time I showed some snail appreciation.

As we walked to go to the mall here one fine evening, I saw something by the side of the road where we parked our car. It was quite a gorgeous one.

After days of monsoon pour, on a patch of vibrant green, as though aiming to go to the mall too, the garden snail, or more aptly, the street snail was having a picnic of sort on a patch of fresh green blades of grass.

I kept as quiet as I can to avoid disturbing the sensitive creature while pointing the phone camera to its direction. I've experienced a few before to know that they would change their direction away from an intrusive presence. I mean, I would too.

A poem came to mind as I appreciated its beauty. Well, it was a different one than the one down below. Enjoy!

Poem title: Snail Poetry

I located a snail
on the green
without a fail
I started to lean in

A snail on a trail
it didn't mind me
a snail catching up
with some green

The snail hovered over the green
it was appreciating
as I was appreciating
the snail on the green

Didn't know if the snail
see me in the way eyes could see
but did my eyes see it?
that indeed they did...


Well, what did you think about when you read this snail poem? Have you seen snails up-close before? What about them that makes you pause? Share away below! I love reading your thoughts so go on, don't be shy!

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