Grey Cat Poetry

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Grey Cat Poetry

The time you get to read a poem inspired by our sweet yet fierce Tidus, the grey feline that's made our home sweeter.

Here you go.


Poem Title: Grey Kitty

Tidus is our cat,
he is not that fat yet,
he loves drinking milk lately,
which I give to him in a bowl gladly..
In the evening,
when he's a little cranky but mostly hungry,
he looks at me yearningly
I say: Come here little kitty,
the milk will soon be ready,
just sit here by me sweetly..

Tidus is our cat,
I've always wanted a grey one..
When our beloved Siamese cat,
mated with a neighbor's grey cat
the universe gave us Tidus
and all of his grey fluffiness
stunned our silly faces..

Tidus is soft yet fierce,
Dogs make way for him
and when he is barked at,
he cowers not and retreats
in a way that earns respect..

Tidus our cat,
his fur is the softest
I've ever felt on a cat,
And I've had quite a few cats..
When he was a baby
he's eyes were startling blue,
now they are olive green,
vigilant and keen..

Tin foils and chickens
these are some of Tidus' favorite things,
One is for playing,
the other for munching
If all you have is a twig,
tickle his tummy with it
and surely will he amuse you to bits..

Tidus, like all cats
slow-blinks to show love
wraps his tail around a leg
of a human he takes
to be his pet..
if he places a soft front paw,
on your toes ever so tenderly
then forever you will know
it is meant to be..
just make sure to feed
him only whenever
he's ready to eat..

What do you think of the cat-inspired poem? Did you enjoy reading it while picturing Tidus in your mind? Share your thoughts and everything - You know I do relish reading your comments!

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