Hocus Focus

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Hocus Focus

The time I reveal to you what I personally do to hone focus, my outfit to shake up a sweat and other things.

Hiya friends, how are you?

I'm back with a new post! Where have I been? Oh just around! Sometimes, living takes precedence over blogging about it. And I've been learning new things so I can populate the blog with more content and that means, more time spent away from blogging. To those who have missed my blog posts, please do calm down, I will promise you nothing, but this girl ain't going anywhere.

I love approaching my blog posts when I feel in the flow and today is such a day!

Let's talk about focus. Yes, randomly. That is the subject for today.

When we talk about FOCUS, we think about focusing on something that is productive or is in the direction of us being productive. In a fast-paced world that's been even made faster with this thing called the INTERNET, we forget that reality works in her own special flow. In those times that we're not focused on anything, it's too easy to leave it to our gadgets to take up our mental processes, such as in a game or scrolling away on your favorite social media.

I'm one of those people who can be interested in a multiple things at once in any environment. I'm just too curious over anything and everything that before long my senses can become overwhelmed. It's easy for me to get dispersed and ever since I have been allowing myself to do just that - letting myself become aware of my own curiosity, I find that when I have to focus my everything onto a task, such as content-creating, I can feel myself going into a flow. And feeling my creative juices flowing.

This is made even better when I allow my sensory organs to naturally respond to anything that they find interesting for the moment. Also, with repetition, any task can be turned on in an instant but to do so in a way that's organic and creative, one must embrace mindfulness. Before the great INTERNET came, our grandmas do so in her quiet space while doing crochet, grocery-shopping or just spring-cleaning.

You can do it in your own favorite space. Heck, you can do it anywhere. I do this in the natural environment such as when I am walking. NO internet allowed. Unplug freely and plug into the natural environment you find yourself in. Give your eyeballs a break. Engage all other senses including those eyeballs with the 3-dimensional world that's always engaging with you in any moment. This for me, is how, you open your flow channel to the reality in that moment. FOCUS comes when you treat yourself this way in kind, aliveness, curiosity and compassion.

Do other activities apart from your main task such as your job to spice it all up. Doing one thing for a long time is a sure-recipe to getting yourself amazingly cranky and uninspired fast. Learn something new!

Wearing: no longer white yet terribly soft tee thrifted | sports waist belt bag karrimor | sports pants cotton on | sports socks karrimor | sports cloudform sneakers adidas

For me, being away from the blog has allowed me room to learn remote photo-shooting in between daily tasks! It's such a fun thing to do and I just enjoy it super much. What I've learned from self-shooting is that I don't have to put on a smile for the camera if I don't want to. It takes the pressure off from wanting to look a certain way and I really like it! I don't have a tripod yet but I've just been placing the camera on a surface with the right height to capture myself. The best place to self-shoot so far for me personally is the garden or any place with open spaces, sunshine and greenery.

I have no clue how old is this gigantic tree but it's where I love to walk when the sun is strong and high:

I do get a bit self-conscious when there are people but I've warmed up to the idea that nobody gives two flying unicorns about what I'm up to and this, my goodness, has been extremely liberating. I do however recommend shooting in a safe place and being aware of the surrounding area, wherever you might be when you self-shoot! Mine is in my local town. I just cannot get over the beauty that is all around here and that's why, it will be shared on this space! I hope you will enjoy it.

What do you think of self-photoshooting? Have you done it before? What have you learned from it? Share below - so we can all learn something new.

As always, here's a quote to end the entry and it's by Alan Watts (current wisdom teacher - check out his lectures on YouTube - one of my favorites )

“You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself.”

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