Poetry Time: Sit By Me

Friday, June 21, 2019

Poetry Time: Sit By Me

The time I dropped new poetry inspired by my imagining myself as an intricate ancient tree.

Hi peeps! I'm called to share a poem with you today. Are you excited? Yes? NO? Whatever! It's the right time for me to do so, anyway.

One of my favorite things to do after my brisk-walk session is to place my attention on the tall trees that surround the garden where I go. On breezy days, when the high branches start to sway and leaves begin to rustle and move, I rest my whole attention on it to feel its music.

Not intensely but rather softly until the sounds, sights and scents of the experience start to merge beautifully together. I don't purposefully create words in my head in a mechanical kind of striving during these moments. The wordless yet enriching experience of placing the attention on trees that sway in the breeze is pretty uplifting.

Even when I do not need uplifting, something inside is lifted and I am in gratitude. Ever since starting my journey of appreciating everyday mundane aspects of life, I realize how very beautiful each one thing is no matter what prior thoughts I held of it before. Every aspect of your life that you take for granted because it's always there, can be approached in this manner. Look at the birds. The beach that may very well be near to your residence. The dusty roads that swirl to take you home. The mountains that loom from afar. The blue sky or monsoonic grey clouds. A stray dog. Family member. Your old familiar friend. A stranger. A homeless person. A buzzing bee. Dragonfly. Water ripples. Thunder claps.

Loosen your grip on thinking. Just be. Perceive the moment without weaving words. Sense what is unseen. Send your compassion out into the world. Willingly. Freely.

Let the words form themselves later.

Poem Title: Sit By Me

When you're raw and sort of unsure,
sit by me..
watch my limbs dance
and my leaves sway
teased by the breeze
as it puts your tender heart at ease..

When you're on edge
without a reprieve
come sit by me..
let these roots that adorn the ground
where your tiny feet,
firmly stand
remind you.
your home
in all things..
you are loved,
especially when you feel unloved..

When the weight of the world seemingly
tramples on your shoulders,
come sit by me..
and know in your heart
you only have to carry,
what you can carry and
leave the rest to what is,
and that has been carrying you
all this while..

When you feel defeated
come sit by me
let me show you that
the waves in your mind
they play and stop
and hit repeat
and when you feel like you're winning
I'll show you then,
the pendulum
of duality and its stirrings
the meanings in things
that bind you,
are only as binding,
as concrete as
a home made of glossy sand
abstract rooms
demolish themselves
the guest and the lady of the house
are one...


Well, what do you feel when you read this poem? Let me know the first word that came to mind before you expand on your thoughts. I love reading what you have got to say. As always, thank you for gracing this space with your magical presence!

photo credit : Felix Mittermeier

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