Poem Sesh: Passerby

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Poem Sesh: Passerby

The time you say a delightful YES to reading my latest poem!

We bring our energy into any space we occupy. Where ever we go, we influence. There a was a time in my life, a dark energy hung onto me like a heavy cape and if you were tuned into you own sense of being, you might have felt something. Even though words might escape you, you know it was there, unmissable.

During my walks in the breezy tropical evening, I pay attention to the 'music' that everyone is playing when they're out walking, jogging or just simply sitting on a bench. It's not about reading anything in terms of the logical mind is concerned. It's more or a seizing up of the field of energy by letting my own field of energy feel around, so to speak.

Some carry a light, sweet tune. Others play a brooder symphony. These contrasts I get to appreciate and they color each passerby in that very moment. To do this with clarity, I bring awareness to my own energy and paradoxically, feel myself loosening the grip of self-centered focus as I look out to the world and breathe it all in.

On one of these days, a poem decided to form itself.

As always and with pleasure, you can read it down below.



Poem Title: Passerby

When I pass you by,

Does it make your spirit soar high?

Does your nose pick up the scent

Of my being, the aroma of my aliveness?

Do you recognise something familiar

In the way movement is held

By my silhouette, lilt in step?

When I pass you by,

Does it send you peace,

A soothing tranquility,

That seeps deeply,

Into your very core?

Or is there more?

When I pass you by,

Does it make you want

To greet me like an old friend

You have yet to meet

For the longest time...?

But then two steps too fast,

Sunlight in your eyes

A fleeting chance passes by..

Well, perhaps, next time?

When I pass you by,

Does it interest you

To curve your mouth into a kid's smile,

Even though it probably

Would escape my eyes

But unmistakably felt

By the recesses of my heart?


So, what do you think? Can you describe the feelings evoked while you were reading the poem?

Share a thought or ten! I love reading your comments, feedback and critiques. Pour them all out. I relish reading them. Thank you for spending your precious time here - I really appreciate it.

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