How I channel my inner parrot in a colorful look...

Friday, April 22, 2022

The time I express my inner parrot out in an outfit that's bursting with color.

Eh hello there, how are you? I'm fine. I'm drinking tea, it's after midnight. I lied, it's pretty late but I'm an owl. I get quite excited when the silence creeps in and the world's asleep. Of course, some parts of nature isn't. The night critters are awake. Cats are about to go hunting. Some humans are at work. Well, now, what is this post about again? Ha.

Yes, this colorblocked outfit. Very bright. Very cheery. Summer by the beach. Stand out in the middle of the sandy shore kind of look minus the sand particles, fishy aromas and stagnant air movement. Nothing beats being at the beach when it's breezy. When the air is still however, it's just not right, isn't it? I find the lack of wind while sitting at the beach particularly unappealing, but I've not been to the beach in ages I should quit venting. Hee.

So yes, yes, this look has a touch of green, a significant chunk of yellow, quite a body of orange, a plenty of electric blue and a touch of dusty pink. I was moved to go the colorful route when I decided to wear this abandoned wrap skirt from years ago. The tangerine seemed to strong to me then. I see it differently now. It's a fun color, energetic, bright and bold. It's a color that says: I'm happy to be here. I am here.

Outfit pics start now:

Orange skirt, blue knit bag, owl ring

There's a dolphin on the fiery orange skirt. A few of them, actually. On my ring, as you can see, there is an owl. I love it because I find owls rather riveting. Parrots too. Actually, that's how I feel about the world of fauna.

Calling my cat but he ain't feeling it

That's Tidus, our cat. Here. I was calling him to join me but he told me that he was good watching me where he was situated. Did you know squatting is a great pose to hold for increasing overall balance and mobility? I thank my Asian ancestors for my ability to hold this pose.

Standing next to the water apple tree

The orange skirt is the kind that is wrapped around and tied at the waist. The knit bag is a cutie that holds very little but is perfect for a pop of color. The yellow crop top seamlessly go with the tangerine skirt and the tree next to me is a water apple tree. No fruits yet. We're hopeful she will sprout juicy water apples when she's ready.

Green clay earrings

My side face profile with a few pimples decorating my cheek. Coconut shell bangle. Wavy hair that I'd just layered and trimmed myself.

Colorblocking with yellow, orange and blue

Quite the picture of summer if I may say so myself.

Wonder what Tidus was thinking when he saw me. He's grey all day, week, month and year, everyday. As for perceiving the colors of my outfit, cats apparently do not perceive red-orange hues. They are however, most sensitive to blue and yellow wavelengths of light.

That's all for now, folks. I hope you take your time to nourish your body with sustenance that will make it healthy from the inside. I hope you will gladly sit out in the green when you're done with your screens. I hope you mind not the contents of your mind and use the mind as a tool to work with reality. Even if it's hard, I hope you be patient and open. Insights come when you least expect them to visit.

I hope you know that while you're here (on this plane of existence), life calls on you to set forward your amazing self. 

Yes, sometimes you don't feel sparkly. In fact, it can enter a dark territory. Don't absorb the darkness. Don't identify with the glittery. Take a pause, sit with yourself. The feelings will pass. You will still be there. Engage with your present moment's reality.

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