Owl be loving owls forever + I don't like flying

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Owl be loving owls forever + I don't like flying

The time I show you a cute owl backpack and confess I'd much rather be on the ground than in the skies.

As I was searching for owl puns and wasn't inspired by any, I decided to create one myself and the title that you read is the result. 

Owls are something amazing. They're birds that kind of look like they could be cats too and with two sharp eyeballs planted frontally, well, those are interesting to look at. 

I have been an irritable owl these past few days. I don't know why but perhaps, I'm missing stuffing the face with carbs and now as a result happen to find everyone absolutely repulsive. Not because they did anything specifically to put me off mind you, it's just one of those days where even I can't be bothered to rationalize why I'm feeling some type of way. 

I had just down a cup of refreshing mangosteen and cranberry juice and that'd improved the state of mind a little. Perhaps, it's the weather.  Yes, I really think it's the weather. I love the toastiness of the Malaysian sunshine but the random chaotic pour with thunderous skies in the mix have infused within me a kind of typhoon and I shall let it roll. 

What can I say: I'm an irritable owl. 

The owl backpack that I happen to be gifted with is however the cutest. It's definitely NOT at owl irritable. 

In fact, it's the picture of terrible adorableness. The brother and his girlfriend got me this as a gift and I'm forever thankful. The cuteness makes me smile. The bird statement backpack came from Turkey. I've never been to Turkey but I have a piece of Turkey with me in the form of this ridiculously cute owl bag.  A treasure to cherish forever.

I'll be putting stuff in the bag for the next photo-taking sesh just to show how extra this owl backpack is. It actually has cute legs which aren't capture here.

While a lot of people seem to be infected with the travel bug virus (as in having a mad love for travel), I am actually quite the opposite. 

Not to be contrarian at owl, but I had lived a childhood of moving about from state to state here in Malaysia that I just found the whole thing disorientating. It takes a while for me to process a place psychologically so hopping on a plane and flying off somewhere is never in my list of fun things to do.

I also have a dislike for flying. Hahaha. Thanks to my built-in fear of heights, I much rather stay close to the ground. I made peace with this a long time ago and thus feel no FOMO when I see people getting into a frenzy just at the thought of flying away from the familiar and into unknown territories for adventures. 

The fact that I do not care for flying doesn't mean that I am spared from the fascination of exploring what's in my own local areas. It's insane how there are a lot of places I do not know about and I keep surprising myself by exploring hidden corners in the small town where I live. They were not exactly hidden. I was unaware they existed because I wasn't looking. 

Enough about my not being a cool travel type of gyal: how are you? Are you a fan of travel? Do you consider yourself a travel bug? Let me know your thoughts. Don't be shy! Tell it like it is. I love your frank honesty.

Till the next one, take care of yourself. Eat well. Get some sunshine. Do what you love even if nobody cares for it. 

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