How to style a floral chambray sleeveless shirt the hot summer way?

Monday, July 18, 2022

How to style a floral chambray sleeveless shirt the hot summer way

The time I get into a breezy summer ensemble featuring a floral chambray sleeveless shirt after months of mostly rainy days.

If you haven't a clue, then a thought may have popped out: "What on planet Neptune is a chambray?"

Upon googling for facts, here are the answers:

Chambray is a great fabric for the summer as it's lighter than denim. The fabric is cool and flowy keeping the skin breezy when it's hot and humid out, which is especially the case in equatorial Malaysia. A bout of rain will not ease the strength of the weather's humidity and wearing breathable fabric to help your body cool down is simply a must when you're not in the AC land.

Side story: I went into a restaurant with robot waiters and the AC was on another level. Excessively cold to the point I had cramps in my hands while handling the cutlery. I will not be back. The food was meh. I only cared for the robots. They have emojis on their screens. Cute but the food ain't.

Back to chambray:

How is chambray different than denim, you wonder? Denim is designed with a twill weave, whereas plain weave is used in making chambray resulting in a softer fabric. If you've always been unable to step into anything denim because of how the fabric feels on your skin, then chambray would be a great alternative.

That's enough about chambray and me pretending to understand the different types of weaves: how are you today?  

There's a buzzing of sort that's happening out here and I'm sensing someone's giving their lawn a grooming session. Hot days are when the grasscutters come out to play and today is such a day. I love the smell of grass and am glad the buzzing is at least a few houses away as I have mighty sensitive ears. So sensitive, I do not use the blender! I'm not kidding. I do not care for the mechanical grinding sound not because I'm being a diva about it. I do have a sensory processing system that's delicate and can get quite overwhelmed by sounds. 

Am I alone? Perhaps the dislike for blenders makes me a tad unique. But then again that could be the blender's nature for being a bit too loud and that I haven't found the quiet one and if I did, it would be ridiculously priced. #lol

In other news, I have finally put the coconut shell bangles to rest on an intact arm of a Barbie doll. I had broken arms of two separate dolls from being reckless at storing them. They are after all decades old. Now two of the Barbie dolls have only an arm, thanks to me.

Finding out that there are new affordable dolls of other varieties in skin color and hair styles, I'm now pretty stoked about dolls in general. I don't think I was ever that keen when they were first introduced to me in my teens. They even have parts to replace! WOW! The world of dolls just opened itself up to me. 

Dolls aside, how was your last meal (the one you ate before reading this entry, I mean)? Did you prep it yourself? If so, what ingredients did you use to get your meal ready? I'm asking because I really find interesting to find out what people cook at home these days.

Back to the summer chambray outfit I'd worn that hot evening: here are the pictures! 

My hair was freshly sheared by own hands here. It was quite nice wielding the power in my own hands. This mane is mine to trim and layer now that I find it's the easiest way to get a cut that I LOVE instead of what is an interpretation of what I want from another. Gotta thank YouTube for this. 

What I love about this chambray shirt is that it's pretty spacious. It doesn't cling to the skin. It has collars. It's sleeveless and has the sweetest floral print on it! The high waisted shorts only cinch at the waist and the rest is just fabric flapping away. Translation: Max breeze from down under. 

These shoes were rotting at the back of the shoe cupboard because I instantly loathed them when I got them years ago. After this shoot, they fell apart and I held a memorial in remembrance of how I thought they were cute from afar and when the day of our meeting happened, well, they truly disappoint. 

So, that's it folks. I hope you've had a wonderful day so far. And if you did have a great day, I wish you an even brighter one the next day.

Here's a quote by Jan Frazier to end this post:

"Has anyone ever said you look younger than you are? Have you ever said that about someone else’s looks? Did that appear to be a compliment?

What’s the matter with looking your age? What’s wrong with aging? The visible retreating from the vibrancy and beauty of youth whispers to us of brevity, of death. The prospect of dying makes us want to look away from obvious signs of aging: we know it’s a one-way street we’re on.

And what’s wrong with dying? Is it that we see death as the end of the chance to live? That we don’t want to run out of opportunities for that?

The only possible answer is to live while living is possible: right now."

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