I wear a vintage floral shirt dress and talk about migraines

Saturday, July 9, 2022

I wear a vintage floral shirt dress and talk about migraines

The time I slipped into a vintage shirt dress from my mom's collection and casually confessed that migraines are a part of my life.

Hey peeps, what's going on there in your world?

It's toasty here tonight. I have snacked on a few balls of traditional Baba Nyonya delicacies called onde onde. OMG They're so addictive when made right. I love the pretty green pandan-infused soft chewy dough exterior and the bursting of FRESH Gula Melaka/palm sugar on the inside. I believe it's excellent for warm summer nights! Thanks to my lovely brother for getting them from all the way down south. 

That delicious snacks aside, I'm actually a little under the weather from a nasty little migraine that took over my body like a deranged ghoul. I only felt a tad better after letting it all out orally into the crapper. TMI, I know, I'm sorry but that was the reality of the situation. I did notice the old familiar symptoms before the migraine completely took form. Like how my eyeballs felt assaulted by lights and how sounds became too much in my ear holes. I wonder if any one of you have been visited by migraines. 

I have a history of it so it's nothing new but that this year, it has a particular strength to it. Sometimes, I do blame it on  my adventurous eating of a combination of food that shouldn't go together. Honestly though, I have no idea. What I will do is jot today's migraine attack down in the calendar. Just to observe patterns. Great news about migraines for me is post-attack, I start to consume bland food again. Keep it delicately subtle on the tastebuds so as not to excite the brain too much. Hahah.

Well, there I went off a tangent again. So....let me rope it all in.

What can I say, by now,  it's a known fact that when I say it's another outfit post, it has to come with me blabbering about this and that.

Back to the OOTD: One day as I was looking around the messy corners of the wardrobe, I found myself staring at this old floral shirt dress. It was originally my mom's and she had given it to me a while ago. It took some time for me to warm up to this vintage piece. I think it's only this year that I'm finally feeling the retro color scheme of this gem. 

It's got that murky muddy green color mixed with a cool grey floral motif all over it that initially looked unappealing to my younger eyeballs but now that it's 2022, I'm really having a blast channeling that 70s/80s spirit. The shirt dress has a relaxed collar, perky shoulder design, ruffled sleeve cuff and soft pleating across the chest. The shape is flared almost like a baby doll style dress, but not quite.

I wore the dress with a pair of electric blue oxfords and decorated my ear lobes with a popping statement brass hoops. Then, I stood around for a few pictures. And then, my cat, Aiden joined me. 

The rest is history.

So, what do you think of this outfit? Is it okay? Meh? How would you spice it up? 

Remember to share your thoughts even if it has nothing to do with this entry, I'll still read it. 

Till the next one. Keep fit. Keep your body moving. See how your mind works. Breathe deeply. Live fully.

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