How I wear: ONE Capri Floral Pants TWO sleeveless top Styles

Saturday, July 2, 2022

How I wear: ONE Capri Floral Pants TWO sleeveless top Styles

The time I'd styled a floral capri TWO ways. 

Hiya vibrant & sensitive beautiful spirits!

How are you?

I am blessed to be here tonight to type a few words into this space. It's yet another outfit post but I'm feeling excited. This time, it centers upon this old pair of thrifted floral capri I rarely wear because for some reason I find the fabric to be too fragile for my very high need to stretch my legs. Here's the kind of pants you just have to stand pretty in and the stitching could be improved but hey, this is just perfect for this post.

The color combo on this pants screams retro to me. I feel like it has that  delightful vibes of the 70s with the muddy green, reddish brown and mellow yellow color scheme. The cut of this capri is pretty harem-like in a way with a tad more of fitted construction at the waist for my size. There are even pockets on the pants but I wouldn't put anything weight-y in them. 

Like I said, the fragile fabric is not for that sort of thing. I can, however, stand around, in the porch with Aiden, sweet kitty, waiting for me to unleash some of his fav snacks. These days, the darling cat enjoys milk of any temperature and his wet food snack in between his fav dry food. Aiden also is getting more talkative this year. His meows are high note and his purring is utterly divine.

That being said, let's get back to the floral pants. In outfit number 1, the top is of the beige sleeveless variety. It's a neutral top that is comfy being in the background allowing the floral print on the pants to pop out visually. I also wore a tan rectangle statement earrings and a pair of brown ankle strap sandals.

In outfit number 2, the top is purposely chosen in a bright color to bring competitiveness into the whole outfit equation. It's bright neon tangerine in a loose, sleeveless style. I wore a silver dangly bohemian earrings with a turquoise color detail and a pair of slip-easy thong style sandals.

Here I am standing looking at the bush right behind the house. Over the years, the bushery has grown wild and the breeze that comes through the foliage is extra sweet. Absolutely happy for the mini jungle behind the house.

So that's it, folks! 

These are the two ways I have chosen to style this thrifted floral capri piece.

What do you think? Which style do you prefer?

Share away below. You know I love hearing from you. Drop those thoughts like they're burning HOT!

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