Blab sesh: Malaysians and the resistance against wearing sunglasses

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Blab sesh: Malaysians and the resistance against wearing sunglasses

The time I sit and wonder why Malaysians in my town are resistant to wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes when out in the day with a GIANT SUN all up in the pores of their faces.

Upon my casual foray into the sunny outdoors after being a reclusive monk in 2017, I have an observation to make. Malaysians, well, the ones in the small town I live here, rarely put on sunglasses when they're out shaking their aging limbs with the sun threatening to BBQ their eyeballs.

I did think about it for a few moments and noted that older generations (including my glorious ancient self) appear to prefer the no sunglasses look while in the sun. I'm not talking about mildly sunny days. These are days when the sun is up in your eyeballs, so to speak. I have made wearing sunglasses the norm whenever I go out for my walk. I thought about the mental processes that go behind the resistance to wearing sunnies in hot tropical Malaysia and one thing I do recall back when I was a wee one was wearing dark glasses was considered rude. I think it's rude if you're in sunnies while conversing with peeps in a building that's devoid of the fiery globe. But that could also mean something else, like the person's having a hangover, a dark bruising from being smacked in the eye, or a general disliking to being social per the moment. There's so much going on there that I fail to reason the sheer act of sporting sunglasses would make anyone the ultimate symbol of rudeness.

Do I look rude in the picture below? Be honest and judge accordingly.

Don't I look extra rude with my blue specs?

Some people are RUDE without sunnies blocking their mad eyes. It's time to change the perception behind this avoidance of sunglasses. Sunglasses help me see better when the sun threatens to conjure blind spots that can lead to untimely ceasing of a life, whether it's mine or some poor soul. In the public garden where I walk, I see more people in masks(!) than in a practical pair of shades. I will NEVER relate to the huffing and puffing behind a face mask while you're outdoor in the green. What a waste of that pure oxygen and fresh scents. Put them on when in questionable public restrooms, yes, totally. But out in that fresh tropical arms of Mother Nature? That's terrifyingly insane, unless you're out stalking someone that is and want to hide half of your face. Great. Good choice.

One other thing about sunnies that I love a lot is they reduce the straining of the region in between the eyebrows that can cause migraine. I have had sun-in-the-eye-induced migraine and never again would I be caught out NOT wearing sunglasses. Just wear that darn protective eyewear. Nobody's legislating you to wear one but it's good so wear sunglasses for your own wellbeing. For introverts, wear them anyway when you really are serious about going under the radar while being out. 

So many sunglass styles, so little time to wear them all! I say let's start today. You don't need a super expensive one especially if you're like me. Get an affordable one for when you're out huffing and puffing that is such a vibe and do what needs to be done: protect those eyeballs and the skin around them. That delicate area needs tending to. The only crow's feet I am excited about are the literal feet of crows in the garden I go  to. Perhaps, not the gazillion poo painting every surfaces but there must be a reason why Mama Nature makes it so. Bird poo pandemic is a thing here but nobody's talking about it. #lol

So, over on to you folks: 

What do you think about sunglasses? Are people in your region a fan of wearing sunglasses or are they avoidant of sporting them for some interesting reasons? 

Share your thoughts! I get quite obsessed when reading them! Pour your inner thinking out in this space. It will be therapeutic! 

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