Wearing Red TROPICAL floral wrap skirt + confessing my love for buttered toast

Monday, June 13, 2022

Wearing Red TROPICAL floral wrap skirt + confessing my love for buttered toast

The time I slipped into a popping red skirt with statement flowers all over it and felt the energy all around me rise. 

Hi friendly faces, how are you? 

I'm about to make some buttered up toasts because I love them to bits. Something to do with the smell of butter caramelizing the surfaces of the bread. How yummy. I am smitten. I have been for the longest time but ever since I started to chef around for myself, I think nothing beats the simplicity of a buttered and toasted bread. I have gone to eating carbs because I don't believe in depriving myself from eating anything but I keep it in reasonable portion. It's so easy to go overboard because I just love cooking and when I cook, the food is for me to eat and portioning has helped a lot in my meal planning.

Anyway, enough about my food routine, here's the outfit of the day when I envision myself wearing a very bold red wrap skirt with flowers all over it. The skirt is ancient and a vintage. My mom had it resting at the back of her closet until she decided to let me have it and I'm very grateful! I love vintage pieces that stand the test of time. 

I have no idea when this skirt was purchased but it looks so good and soft. It's the kind where it is a piece of open fabric with holes at the waist so one can wrap and tie accordingly. It's perfect for the beach, pool, garden, countryside, concrete jungle, your home office, basically anywhere and everywhere.

The color red is such an energizing color, don't you think. I wore the bold eye-popping red skirt with a beige textured sleeveless top and a pair of flats you've seen before. The earrings are beaded in a boho brass metal style that dangle and frame the face with a sprinkle of red. I wore a red lipstick too to go with the vibe of the skirt.

That's it folks: An easy casual summer day outfit to go out and have tea whilst looking like a true old tropical gyal (girl). It's comfy, chic and an outfit to repeat on hot breezy days.


What's on your mind? Share below! It could be about this outfit or your own favorite tropical look. I love to hear anything and everything, so share away...

Till the next one, I hope you take good care of yourself! Thank you for brightening this space with your attention and presence. :)

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