Dog face tee and jogger pants ~ Brisk Walk OOTD + Story Time

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Dog face tee and jogger pants ~ Brisk Walk OOTD

The time I wore a totally cute dog face tee with jogger pants to go out for a brisk walk on a hot day in the garden.

Hi folks, what is up where you are? The upside down world in Stranger Things is back. I'm currently watching the tv show and spoiler alert, the part with the flayer is the least of my favorite. It's just unnecessarily over the top disgusting, but then again, that would be the purpose. I'm actually appreciating the whole 80s lifestyle as I reminisce about bits and bobs of life prior to the internet when I was a wee one. 

Not that I loathe the internet, I actually don't but there's something about life in real-time during this particular season of my life that was so bitter sweet. I still make sure that I stay out in nature just to be in nature. I love seeing beauty in imperfections. I appreciate the little things and have a healthy appreciation for "objects" without getting all caught up in it. Gotta thank the parents and great grandparents and the great ancestors for the opportunity to lively in these amazing times. 

What was I saying again? Sorry, I lost my train of thoughts there.

Yellow orchids of mom's


That being said, l have a funny story about the wheelie bin where we put out our trash on the daily. Please bear with me. It seems like a random story but it's interesting. 

The wheelie bin we originally had used to be in a pristine state until the workers mixed up ours with a nasty one; you know with the top all disgusting looking. 

We didn't bother with finding our original bin with the shiny top because that'd meant having to roll the nasty bin across the street but had the opportunity to do so few days back when a clean wheelie bin decided to show up closer to our area. 

We swapped the bins one fine night! For a few days, we got the clean bin but the experience was a short one as someone had returned the nasty bin back to us. Hahaha. 

I told my mom that the grimy bin is here to stay. I just have to clean the top and mark it with something on top hoping it'll stay put. Can't blame anyone because these bins are not treated well by the ones working with them and of course, some people have no concern over their questionable method of organizing trash. 

Lesson of the day? I don't know. I hope that kids are taught in schools and within their individual household about trash management. This is the basis of picking up after oneself but alas, it's up to individuals to set the bar. I'm not the cleanest person but I have decided to clean the top of the wheelie bin when I get the chance too because I've got vinegar and baking soda lol. I will give the nasty trash bin some love. It used to be clean. I'll bring back the bin's glory days.

Let's just hope once I've cleansed the top of the bin it will stay cute and shiny and not be swapped by another nasty one because by that point, I might just put a banner outside the house stating: I'm not your neighborhood's trash bin cleaner!

Okay folks, that's all from me for now. I have lots of stories to tell because I just do. I'll tell it in another post.

Till the next one, keep on keeping free. Have your wits about you and stay fierce.

Sending a bundle of motivation your way <3

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