DIY Tropical Summer Haircut + How I wear stripes and blue jeans

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

DIY Tropical Summer Haircut + How I wear stripes and blue jeans

The time I show you my summer hair do. I cut the length out myself because I felt like it and also because the weather got under my skin.

So, folks, what's up? What's going on there in your world? I hope you're well and in good spirit. I see you're here and I thank you. Nice to see you again!

A week back, I cut the length of my hair spontaneously just as the humidity in Malaysia started to pick up. When people talk of the tropical humidity and its challenges, this is the weather they're pinpointing at. It's right here. It's pretty lethal. Some plants have turned brown. I'm turning browner too.

Malaysians in general would rather be out in the green, mall, office, their car or have their home AC on blast if they're able to then to sit in an un-chilled unventilated concrete nook because the humidity hangs like a ghost even after night time visits. I have to launder my clothes and bed pillows, sheets and covers often but thank goodness with all the great heat, they all dry insanely quick.

How's the weather where you are? I know some of you are down under and others are in the Mediterranean. Hello from tropical Malaysia! #lol

Here in Malaysia, our homes become concrete sponges suctioning the hot noon air that you can instantly sense the weight of the moisture from stepping into the home after momentarily going outside. Some of us water our rooftops, so I've heard. I've taken to enthusiastically watering the plants along with my feet while out in the porch. Most evenings, if I'm able, the dash to the chilly mall to sip on a cool beverage after sweating it up in the green is where you'll find me. I use natural ventilation plus the fan but of late the heat is pretty trying. 

Water is very important because hydration is key. Heat stroke is no joke!

Anyway, this post is just me rambling about the Malaysian humidity but I love the breezy sunny weather as it's great for my skin and hair. I know peeps keep saying to avoid the sun as a path to the great fountain of youth. Well, I love the sun when it comes out but I'm aware that constant direct exposure is no good. That's why I run under the arms of trees. The trees here are big for a good reason. Sunscreen is a must. 

If you want to see the little things I am up to while out walking in tropical Malaysia, here's a video to watch. Please excuse the shakiness in some scenes especially the walking one. I seek to improve that in a future vlog.

That being said, besides cold cocoa coffee (not that anyone had pestered me for this nugget of info), I've been  into drinking cold hojicha. Gosh, it's so good. What a difference does roasting green tea makes to the flavor. I absolutely love it. I get mine in a café here and I could just sip it all day, everyday. But of course not.

Thanks to my sister for recommending it! I still drink my hot latte upon arising from slumber. I am the kind of coffee lover that loves coffee but only within reasonable doses. Being crazy jittery is not cute. I'd been known to start yapping endlessly once strong coffee entered into my bloodstream. I'm also the kind that gets ridiculously sleepy after taking paracetamol. So, there's that.

Here in the pic above is a Japanese flower. It's tiny and multilayered. Mom's fav. Pretty hardy lil thing considering the mad hot weather here. Great for anyone that is a natural plant killer.

These colorful chain clay earrings are by Shape & Hue. The jeans have become baggy overtime but I quite liked it except for the waist part where I have to manually cinch it with an interesting apparatus (adjustable waist buckle) I found on Shopee.

By the way, I've become a murukku enthusiast (the fine variety mixed with a bunch of nuts). Instead of popping pop corn into my mouth while watching say, YouTube, murukkus give me such a snacking pleasure. I've developed quite the affinity for it so much so that I keep hunting after them whenever I could.

All fun facts and random things about me aside, what's your favorite snack? What do you reach for when you're about to binge watch something on the Net. Did you know that...oh wait, I forgot what it was I wanted to say.

Here's a photo of Tidus, our loving cat. He has a page on IG. If you find him quite amusing to look at, please follow him there. Tidus thanks you in advance ;)

To wrap this entry up with a cute little bow, here's a quote by Jan Frazier to spark something in your heart:

"It turns out to be a gesture of enormous kindness not to work so hard to hold life at bay. Not to process every little thing life hands you, but simply to be with it, as it is. To rest in it, even. To feel it (even when it hurts) as simply the way life feels right now. It is radically kind to self to not resist, to realize you just are not in control of most of what’s ahead, let alone anything that’s already here. To turn toward the truth of the absence of control and predictability, to be soft in the face of the unknowable, is to deeply rest. It’s to be gentle toward life, toward yourself."

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