How I wear a sleeveless tribal print top while lurking in mom's garden

Thursday, May 19, 2022

How I wear a sleeveless tribal print top while lurking in mom's garden

The time I lurk around in my mom's garden whilst looking cute for the birds.

Hiya peeps, what's up. I just broke my carb-restrictive intermittent fast with something yummy: Hainanese chicken rice. Gosh was that tasty, except that I needed a bigger portion of the chicken. Heheh. Guess who else loves chicken? Our cats: Tidus and Aiden. Aiden prefers the meaty bits with bones. Tidus loves the fatty parts of the chicken as well as the bones.

Here's Aiden asking me to feed him something instead of standing around being weird.

Currently, I'm still going on a carb-restrictive eating routine as I find it really gives me a boost of energy. Basically, I eat a lot of other food categories like protein, veges and healthy fats. Not exactly keto. Just something tailored to my own bodily needs. 

I love this dark blue pants.

Yes to mindful eating! The reason why I had gone into carb-restrictive mode was I had fallen into a very carb-seeking nutrition spree before that and was seeing a spike in my carb intake that also corresponded to feelings of lethargy. 

Right now though, I'm feeling great! It's been more than a week of my carb-restrictive eating journey and I quite enjoy the alertness in my body and mind. When I say carb-restrictive, it just means I refrain from the usual big rice/noodle portion. Instead, the portion of protein and vegetables are the biggest. When I take carbs, it's in a form of crackers, murukkus and some bread. Can't believe I didn't start this any sooner.

Anyway, enough about my eating routine nobody asked for, what about your own eating habits? Share with me! I love learning about how other people approach their nutrition.

Outfit story time: Old top with tribal motif, new slip-easy pants in navy blue - as in they're like leggings but better as they're buttonless and zipperless. Less things to worry about and I just adore how they fit around my meaty limbs. Footwear: Old blue Oxford shoes. That's about it basically. 

My hair was longer here in these pictures. I've since done a whimsical snip on the length and it's my new summer do. It's not short. It's not long. Somewhere grazing below the collar bone. 

The awkward but oh so chic length. I'll show the look soon once I get another round of outfit photo-shooting.

Long wavy hair of mine bye

It's the kind of hair chop I had always wanted but then, the hairdresser always had to snip on more than I'd initially asked her for. Thank the darn pandemic for making me my own experimental hairdresser and chef of simple foods. I really like what I like when it comes to hairstyles and now that I can do it myself. Sis had gifted me a cute pair of sharp scissors and I've been feeling rather confident with my snipping of late. #lol 

What about you? Do you go to the salon? What's your favorite hairstyle?

Here's a bonus picture of me grinning at a bird that chirped ever so enthusiastically while perched on the neighbor's roof:

Smiles for the chirping bird

That's all folks. I hope you're well and keeping yourself fit and healthy. Till the next entry, here's a quote for you to munch on:

Present-moment knowing is without mental filtering. It’s immediate, brief, in constant flux. It cannot be held on to. As soon as the chatty mind opens its mouth to observe something about that tingly, empty stillness — the emptiness is filling up with words, stories, pictures.


(from Jan Frazier's teachings in an entry titled Force of Nature

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