Brown mini knit dress ~ How I wear it casually with blue shoes...

Monday, May 9, 2022

Brown mini knit dress ~ How I wear it casually with blue shoes...

The time I slipped into a brown knit mini dress.

Hello peeps, what's up? It's another casual outfit post from me here today.

I'd worn this knit brown dress before as a top when I first dipped my toes into the world of outfit journaling on the blog. Can't believe that was 5 years ago. 

I was very shy and had a complex relationship with my legs I didn't like showing them that much in public. But fortunately, I managed to shed that feelings of inadequacy and dress in a mini dress. It doesn't seem much in the grand scheme of things but to me, I find it pleasant to find comfort in how I carry myself with clothing that I like to wear. I don't need to look perfect according to some other external's lens perspective that's embedded in the psyche.

Brown and navy blue outfit style

This knit dress was a gift from my loving sister and I truly appreciate that it's made of fabric that will keep me warm while having a hem length suited for the hot summer. You know how it gets hot and cold here in tropical Malaysia. So, something that can retain heat while letting excess heat escape is always a must.

Japanese rose flowers from mom's garden

On this fine evening, I wore the brown dress with these old navy-colored shoes. They were laceless but I decided to put on some white shoe laces to keep my feet secure as the shoes were a bit too spacious to keep my feet from slipping out. These are definitely not for walking as they don't hold my feet the way sports sneakers do.

Silver and turquoise bohemian dangle earrings

For earrings, I paired the look with a boho earring style that is of the dangly variety. It's in silver and turquoise. I wore my hair up using my usual hair claw. 

The bag is of the tote kind, very soft and spacious with a tribal sort of motif in white and navy blue. It's my favorite for carrying stuff all the darn time but today, I will need to give it a good wash.

Flowers you can grow easily in tropical Malaysia

Some thoughts to ponder: There's something to learn everyday when one's open to it. I find the teachings from Jan Frazier very helpful in understanding the joys of being present in the moment. YES, it has been said by many gurus, philosophers many times ago and more times in the future, but the message is essentially similar. The present is all there is. The rest are stories cluttering around in the attic of our minds.

I hope you find something in your day that's inspiring today! What do you think of this outfit of mine?

Share your thoughts! You know how I love reading them :)

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