Ramble Bubble

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ramble Bubble

The time I wore a brown floral kimono style top and rambled on whatever.

Hi peeps! The weather here has been quite sunny that I'm feeling like soaking myself in a pool of water like a hippo for one hour daily but I am grateful there's the cold shower so I can be productive.

Well, this post is about this outfit I wore for a bit that evening but I somehow disliked the combination and felt that it could have been better-coordinated but that's alright, I sometimes wear whatever. I'll still be sharing the look as I love the floral brown kimono top my sis got for me. The grey cropped pants accompanied the top and I wore some sandals as per usual to keep it on the real casual end because you know, I'm super casual.

Before I show you the outfit, I'd like to write about something but now I'm not sure what that thing that I wanted to write about. It's about keeping fit. Most people instantly think about the activities people do to build amazing bodies. But that's one part of it. The other is of the spirit and tell me, what do you do to feed your spirit? If this question makes you pause, then it is good. It's all good to work on getting a fit body but never ever stop there.

You must sit down and get really intimate with yourself. Understand that you need some real intangible but palpable TLC and this is not just about the tending of the outer shell. Ponder if your eating habit is complementary to your body's current needs. And what about thoughts? Whose thoughts are those that you imagine talking to you in your head? Do you use your mind effectively or has it turned you into a tool? What kind of entertainment do you expose yourself with? What makes you laugh? What makes you move mountains? Do you take the time to simply be?

The more quality time I spend with myself in mindfulness, I become aware of the awareness behind the 'I' and as further deepening of awareness takes over, I feel Life closer and closer to me that it is possible to sense beyond the boundary of myself and spread the love to others even those I do not know, in a balanced perspective. I take this in gratitude because in my younger days, I never thought this was possible and now with invigorated spirit, I move into Life, in appreciation and curiosity.

It used to be that I needed things to be a certain way and now, I am glad that Life has shown me time and again that I live the most when I do not pretend or assume to know. With that said, I never lost my sense of humor so that's great. I love that I'm able to make myself laugh when I write here and now...well... I seem to have lost the plot. OK, so I shall stop.

And on to the outfit:

The brown kimono top has a crop cut that is shirred at the hem making it a tad hard to wear when the bloat is real. The fabric is a bit hot so I don't wear it during the heatwave. The pants in grey are comfy. I like the non-color but so far have yet to experiment with styling the cropped pants with other blouses and I wonder why on Uranus not.

What do you think of this outfit? How do you keep fit besides exercising? I'd love to know!

To end this entry, here's a quote by Mooji:

"Don't prune down your life into the shape you think it should be. Don't be a bonsai, but a mighty oak."

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