Poetry Attack - Pie

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Poetry Attack - Pie

When you love a particular pie and low-key thinking about it resulted in this poetry happening.

Hi friends! I'm here to present to you a short piece of poetry. It was created by my imagining of this delightful dark chocolate pie my sister buys for me every now and then as a treat because she loves me, well okay, that's me embellishing but the point is that it is delicious.

The poem came to be in a way that swallowing a whole piece of said pie can be easy for me or anyone with great taste. It is not that big but I usually eat it one quarter at a time to savor each tickle of taste exploding on my tongue and subsequently, my brains. But of course, at times, I forget that I have eaten half of it straight with a heavenly look plastered across my face because every cell of by being is having a party.

Let me just shoosh now. So you can appreciate this poem. Enjoy!

Poem title : Pie

Slice me a piece
of that pie,
But please,
I don't mind
Having the whole,
Of it
If it is
for the taking
Thank You...


Well, what do you think when you read the lines? Do you imagine pies in the food category or something else? Please be raw and honest - I love reading your comments and can take the criticisms as well.

Have a mega splendid weekend.

On a random note: I am tempted to paint with old crusty nail polishes! It is Ivana and also my sis that inspired me to want do so, but not exactly with this nail polish approach but I want to see how I can play with this medium. Will show it here if it's not utterly garbage. No offense to garbage. Till then earthlings!

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