Rest In Being

Monday, June 18, 2018

Rest In Being

The time I finally wore a vintage 80s abstract dress from my mom's closet and found myself loving it.

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I showed you what I wore for the day while I was out probably chewing on some food, reminiscing about the days I ate like a snake.

So, here's a post to get us back into that slow OOTD train.

This dress is from my mom and you know that I shop her closet all the time because it's practically a mall in there with new items popping out like it's got some kind of magic. Depending on your mood, the time of the day, whether you've eaten or forgot to eat and if your cats decide to bring you a rat, my mom's closet will reveal that something extra special is lurking in there and you just need to relax for its existence to be found out.

Such is the case with this dress. I don't wear it often enough and the other day I did and that makes it twice in this year that I've worn the 80s abstract dress. The material can be heat-trapping but on cold rainy days, this would be perfect. You can also wear it with a bottom of your choice if you want to treat it as a tunic in extra cold setting. But who am I kidding, this is the tropics and if you're outside, the humidity will remind you that a dress is enough, especially in this material and with the length of the sleeves. I realize that I wear sleeves of this sort ever so rarely but yo, I was feeling it!

Holding on to my hair as it was going to fly off.

What I admire about this 80s vintage dress is the print which is abstract curvy things going about below the chest to just above the black edge at the hem. The upper most part of the bodice and the sleeves are black. This gives it the color block effect though with black, it is more of a non-color block monochrome impact.

This is a picture of the mini jungle behind my house as intermission.

The bold magenta is vibrant and it really is even more exuberant when coupled with a black canvas. I teamed the dress with these ankle boots with cut-out details that are in black and I find this simple combination allows the focus to fall on the dress. And this was my hair before I met the hairstylist for a trim that truly gave life back to the shape that also took care of the crazy split ends.

What do you think of this casual outfit? Share your thoughts - you know I love reading them!

Here's a quote by Mooji to end this post:

"Who gave us this crazy idea
that we should know how to live?
Does a tree know how to grow?
Does a cloud know how to float?
Does the wind know where it is blowing?
Does a road know it is going somewhere?
Don’t know how to live,
just recognise that you are life
and life just Is."
- Source

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