Banana Love

Friday, June 1, 2018

Banana Love

Hi friends, here is a poem inspired by the perfect banana.

Bananas and I go way back. I never enjoyed eating the raw fruit for some reason growing up only appreciating it in the form of fried bananas. The crispier the batter, the better it is to contrast with the creamy sweetness of the yellow fruit monkeys love.

I had to go press reset on my diet as I somehow ruined it in the process of gulping everything down so fast that my stomach got sick of it. I got quite ill that I had to scour for some ripe bananas at the local fruit market and with a low spirit but sharp and keen eye, I narrowed down to cluster of yellow bananas with some black spots on them but not the kind where the spots are rotten.

The freckle-like spots on a yellow banana seem to be an indicator of how yummy it's going to taste. But then again, I ain't no banana farmer, I just learned it from a fruit seller.

To cut the story short, at the first pluck, peel and taste, this banana had me that a poem unfolded itself and begged to be shared. And so here it is, a poem for a banana from someone who is sort of bananas.


Poem Title: Yellow Goodness

Dang it banana,

you are so gorgeous,

I can't say it to your face,

Because you have no face.

I just ate one,

and now I want another one,

The way you taste,

shocks my senses.

I am awake,

in a way,

I was not quite,

before you unleash your magic,

right into my palate.

Let me get some plain yogurt

before I pluck,

another one,

of your,

yellow goodness.


So there you go, a poem inspired by the banana that got me at hello. I pet myself in the back from picking the perfect hand of bananas. Thank you mother nature for the fruit that calms my stomach as it nourishes me. Pairing the perfect banana with the plain yogurt was unnecessary because the banana was great on its own.

Fun fact about bananas: They're botanically a berry! In my head, berries are usually round in shape but that goes to show it's great to come out of the head. #LOL

Till the next post, here's a quote by Maya Angelou:

“I want all my senses engaged. Let me absorb the world's variety and uniqueness.”

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