What I wore to go eat idlis + vadais

Monday, November 28, 2022

What I wore to go eat idlis + vadais

The time I wore a LOUD red wrap maxi skirt and ate idlis and medu vadai.

Hiya, nobody asked but I'd like to proudly declare my love for idlis and vadais. Idlis are yummy Indian savory rice cakes made of steamed batter featuring fermented black lentils and rice. Actually, I had to Google to find out the ingredients lol. I've always thought it contained some sort of rice and lentil combo. Medu vadais are fried fritters shaped like a doughnut made of legumes. They are really YUM.

For those with sensitive stomachs, idlis are easy to digest because of the fermented starch so you can be sure to consume them with confidence that they will be kind to your tum tums. I usually eat mine with some type of sauce, usually it's dhal & chutney gravy.

Enough about my idli obsession, let's get to the outfit. 

It's a basic casual summer one centered upon a bold red skirt with flowers all over it. The sun decided to shine on this particular evening and I finally felt some heat and excitement as my pores opened up to sweat. Whenever this sensation happens, I get in the mood for tropical summer dressing. I just get a little more excited. I'm very affected by weather changes and since I'm tropical through and through, I really appreciate blue skies and breezy days with sun peeking through the canopies of trees. This was such an evening. The setting sun was glorious and I absolutely lived for it!

Oops sorry, I forgot about the outfit. 

It's made of a thrifted tee in very faded ochre green and a bold red skirt that's a wrap-around with a waist tie. The bag is a favorite of mine. I got it thrifted and it carries everything including my foldable umbrella. I wore summer flat strap sandals that definitely weren't suited for my lazy strolling as a few times, my right foot slipped out of the darn thing nearly sending me off to kiss the ground. Fortunately my left foot is absolutely anchored to the other sandal. LOL.

That's about it folks.

Wait, another one before I go:

Here's a song by Cattle & Cane that I love listening to so much. So peaceful... Take a listen and enjoy:

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