Print mixing: zig zagged + checkered + my poor dry scalp

Friday, December 9, 2022

Print mixing: zig zagged + checkered + my poor dry scalp

The time I played it casual and print mixed with black and white chevron and checks.

Hi peeps, how are you?

The rainy season still persists here in equatorial Malaysia. It's another bone-chilling rainy night with drenched soil, foliage and rooftops. Being that I'm situated near massive mountains, the breeze outside of the cocoon of warmth I'm in inside the familiar walls is especially bitingly cold. I'm listening to Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris just typing away on the laptop while taking in the aroma of a rose incense that's perfuming the air. The vanilla tea light candle burns away and I think about my dry scalp! The situation with my scalp is improving although it is the first time I'm experiencing this and I would say the cold weather is the culprit. Do you get dry scalp? If so, please allow me entry into your world of tips and tricks with regards to a parched scalp situation. The rest of my skin is well hydrated so I'm confused. 


The outfit today is made of a black and white pattern mix. The top has a chevron print or a ziggy zaggy motif. The thrifted skirt has a checkered print. It's especially adorable, beautifully-made and a steal. 

I was just lounging about the house and hitting record on my phone with Aiden, the resident's boss kitty cat sipping on his milk and he was startled by the sunglasses. These are the rest of the outfit screenshots from the recording. Don't ask me why I was wearing sunnies inside. #lol

That's all for now folksie. Hope you are doing well wherever you are. Hope your collective scalps are well hydrated and unlike mine right now. 

See you in the next one ;) x

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