I found a cute tribal skirt at the thrift shop and I'm grateful

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

I found a cute tribal skirt at the thrift shop and I'm grateful

The time I showed you my recent thrift store find: it's a tribal skirt.

Hi folks, today's post is of an outfit variety. The year's about to wrap up and I'd like to do a few outfit posts before it's all history and the new year is born. 

I had a peculiar dream recently. I think we all have dreams we can safely call peculiar. It lends an insight about certain subconscious outlook I have about things and when these dreams come I try to learn a little bit more about how I think about things and perhaps learn to modulate myself in waking reality when faced with certain scenarios. Do you use your dreams in this way too?

Before the year's over, I/m glad to have found a new addictive jazz music by Ike Quebec courtesy of YouTube recommendation and if you're into such music, here's a list you can listen to

Randomly: I also have  been taken in by men's ankle socks. Hahah. All the cute socks I've got so far that's for gals, femme folks and gurlies are quite disappointing unless I really go for the sporty versions. Maybe I just have big feet and need strong manly socks. Who knows. So far, I'm grateful to men's socks that seem to keep their shape and appearance of being a solid hugger to my dear walk-ready feet.

As for the outfit, it centers upon this awesome thrifty find: tribal skirt with asymmetrical hem. It's from Nepal! I wore it with an oversized knit top that came from a plus size boutique because I just love the heavy autumnal material. Since Malaysia's temps are pretty low and days have been rainy, soggy and grey, heavier knit materials are appreciated. I don't work in an office environment that's extremely chilled so most of my outfit go-tos are light and airy. I still am appreciative for the bit of sun we've been blessed to have these few days mixed in with the cold breeze as some parts of Malaysia are experiencing monsoon. 

In fact, there was a very deadly landslide that occurred in Batang Kali, a small town in Malaysia that is a transit to Genting Highlands. It's quite scary to see how a lot of water can actually displaced the soil at the slope of a hill sending mud over unsuspecting campers, adults and children alike. 

Back to the mundane outfit topic: I wear a pair of slip-easy shoes I got on sale and a pair of long beaded earrings, a gift from my sister when she was in Bali. 

Here's Aiden entering the frame and I was calling him to come closer but he was hesitant as there was no yummy food nearby.

Here's the dangly beaded earrings with tribal vibes. This is the longest ear game I've had so far. In terms of length, that is.

That's all for now folks. How are you doing where you are? What's the Christmas prep like where you are if you're celebrating and what other end-of-the-year activities are you all currently engaged in? Share below!

I'm going to go and cook me a bowl of mix vegetables and ease into gobbling them up with some eggs and meatballs. What about you?

Take care and see you soon!

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