Out for a stroll and a grocery run breezy outfit

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Out for a stroll and a grocery run breezy outfit

The time I reveal my usual go-to breezy summer casual outfit.

I just painted my nails purple while listening to music from another era. I think I intentionally choose something old because I like getting into those sepia-toned nostalgic lanes in my head. It reminds me of very innocent days of being a child, listening to music introduced by my late dad. And discovering new music I liked on my own. I quite enjoy getting my existence being pulled into a nostalgic wormhole and certain tranquil old music easily does that for me. 

I don't think I've ever heard this one specifically back then but who could say I did not: Dire Strait's Tunnel of Love as recommended by YouTube lords.

With regards to the outfit...It was a breezy one, from the  top to toe. 

The tee is made of cotton (with some subtle earthy print) and is super light and breezy. The leopard print pants had elasticated cuffs around the ankle but I cut those off as my ankles prefer NOT to be strangulated. To complete the whole tropical summer look, I wore a studded pair of dusty pink thong sandals and carried a knit bag that stretches on endlessly.


So there you go, my very predictable casual Malaysian summer outfit. It's easy to put on. I don't fight with myself when I put it on. It's an absolutely humid weather-friendly outfit that has some kind of coverage with a breezy fabric game because it's all airy cotton. The only heavy fabric is from the bag but that's because we don't want our onions to escape now, do we?

Do you like onions? I know some people don't. I learn that you can soak onions in water to reduce the edgy taste if you're deciding to utilize them raw in a salad or in your sandwich. Try it. ;)

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